08.11.20. Blast in Beirut

A recent devastating explosion in Lebanon’s port city capital of Beirut has raised questions over the country’s leadership, and the role that the international community will play in providing aid moving forward. Continue reading 08.11.20. Blast in Beirut

06.17.20. Autonomy, or Anarchy?

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle has aroused controversy over what some call a “takeover” by political activists in the city. But has media reporting on the situation been accurate, and does it represent autonomy, anarchy, or something else? Continue reading 06.17.20. Autonomy, or Anarchy?

12.11.18. George H. W. Bush’s New World Order

This week we look at the life and political career of George H. W. Bush, his notable achievements, his idea of a “New World Order,” and his influence on foreign policy throughout the decades.  Continue reading 12.11.18. George H. W. Bush’s New World Order

11.02.18. Election 2018: Dear Young People…

This week on Middle Theory, with the 2018 American Midterm Elections around the corner, we look at one of the most concerning issues pertaining to the election: why young people (and many others) aren’t voting.  Continue reading 11.02.18. Election 2018: Dear Young People…

08.18.18. Resistance: Civil Disobedience

This week on Middle Theory we look at the ongoing “Battle for the Web,” as well as concepts of civil disobedience, the ways that government is changing our values, and how we can aspire to change government for the better. Continue reading 08.18.18. Resistance: Civil Disobedience