02.09.19. The Complexifier

This week, a scandal involving Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the “complexifier” of his Washington Post ownership leads to legitimate questions about the Amazon company’s deep-state associations.  Continue reading 02.09.19. The Complexifier

03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict

This week, we examine the controversy surrounding YouTube and its decision to threaten various users with strikes and eventual bans… where does the company draw the line? Continue reading 03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict

06.30.17. Trump’s Twitter-Tantrum

This week on Middle Theory, for some reason Donald Trump’s latest “Twitter-Tantrum” are the leading story in the news (again). What does the ongoing saga of our commander in chief’s social media activity tell us about him, his mental state, and Continue reading 06.30.17. Trump’s Twitter-Tantrum

06.23.17. Philando Castile: Justice Served?

This week on Middle Theory, we begin by looking at the movement to have the United Nations ban cultural appropriation, in an effort to enforce that ever-fine-line between appreciation, and appropriation. But should things like yoga be considered “cultural appropriation”, in Continue reading 06.23.17. Philando Castile: Justice Served?