07.26.21. Look at the Numbers

look at the numbers

This week, we look at the numbers as COVID-19 infections rise among America’s unvaccinated. As the “Summer Outbreak” ensues, what does the data really say?

This week on Middle Theory… AI is on our minds, as one recent story about a man’s use of an AI chatbot to continue dialogue with a deceased loved one sounds more like an episode of Black Mirror than it does reality. However, as we turn our attention to other matters, continuing concerns arise from the East as Vladimir Putin warns that he has “unstoppable” weaponry, and China continues to air grievances against the United States.

Meanwhile, the threat from COVID-19 remains here at home as unvaccinated Americans head to beaches and other vacation sites in states like Florida which, incidentally, has seen the sharpest rise in new infections (and deaths) of any state in recent weeks. As the CDC moves ahead toward reinstating mask advisories even for vaccinated Americans, we look at how the “Summer Surge” in new covid cases has been politicized… but what do the numbers really say about the current state of the pandemic?

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