We welcome feedback from fellow esotericists in the listening audience. Thus, we’ve made ourselves available so you can contact Middle Theory, by emailing us at one of the following addresses:

To email Micah Hanks, click here.

To email Christopher McCollum, click here.

You may also use the comments section provided below, or the Twitter accounts included with the bio information on the “About Middle Theory” page.

4 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hi!
    Firstly, big compliments on the quality and insightful content of this podcast!!
    I look forward to each instalment.
    The only issue, is that when I try to add your RSS feed to my podcatcher, being Ziepod, I repeatedly receive a messages advising that there is an error with this address provided.
    If you could please look into this, and if any remedy could be forthcoming, it would be supremely appreciated!!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I give a Cosmic salute to you on this year’s observance of World UFO day(July 2nd 2014). I am an Imagineer, technologist and futurologist based in Lagos, Nigeria. And I would like to invite you and Micah Hanks to give a talk on UFO Singularity at the Africa Design Medal & Festival(ADMF) Aug.2015 holding in Lagos, Nigeria. The eccentric Dutch Billionaire Bas Lansdorp, CEO of MARS One is a Panellist. HEUREKA Ent. Ltd is Brand Consultant and Lead Advisor to the MARS One Project across Africa. Also on the list of attendees & panellists are Prof. Steven Hawking, Pope Francis Jeff Immelt CEO General Electric and a host of other remarkable scientists and technoologists. I can be reached via or called on +2347057111100. Cheers!

  3. Wha happened? Are you guys quitting the show? Or is Micah busy with the 50,000 other projects that he’s usually involved in? I enjoyed this show – any chance you guys’ll be back?

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