02.17.19. The United States of Emergency

This week, we look at Donald Trump’s recent declaration of a National Emergency, along with the precedent for the decision, and it’s possible implications.

As we lead off, we ask, “how did things ever get so weird?” Although there are plenty of simple answers to this question, politically-speaking (especially in relation to Donald Trump’s presidency), could it be that there are actually deeper problems here? We also look at some of the tone-deafness shown by Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 Presidential Campaign hopeful, who recently was revealed to have exaggerated her Native American heritage (or lack thereof) on an application form a number of years ago.

Then getting to the MID, we shift our attention over to Donald Trump’s recent declaration of a National Emergency, as a means by which he can fund his border wall project. This has resulted in mixed responses from members of the House and Senate on both the political Right and Left, resulting in the House Judiciary Committee’s announcement about a possible investigation into Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency.

Finally, “Empire” star Jussie Smollett is in hot water after his claims of being a victim of a hate crime in Chicago now may be a proven hoax… what are the lasting implications of such a fraudulent claim? We look into all of this on this week’s edition of Middle Theory.

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Image by Matthias Laurenz Gräff via Wikimedia Commons.

2 Replies to “02.17.19. The United States of Emergency”

  1. Some news reports suggested that Hispanics, rather than solidifying a distinct ethnic identity and becoming the driving force of a “majority-minority” future, might instead try to be just the latest group of immigrants, such as Italians or Jews, to “become white.”


    So according to lower Asians at CNN Italians and Spanish are not white and Jews are want a be’s…white people follow this shit?

    Dear Hanks if you do decide to go to college just put Hispanic you’ll get in free so that whites can use you to skew crime statistics…

    If CNN can’t even get that right??? So basically they are showing you our country is so racist that even DNA evidence can’t add the Spanish back in…and you see what they do…they use the fact that some Spanish people are part Native, African, ect. Yet so are they other races…using facts to paint lies thank you Science…may I have another…

  2. Reading the lines not even between up center and front they want Spanish to identify as minorities because they “whites” benefit from it…If you don’t work at CNN or Fox you are not white…do a DNA test on CNN…see that they are the ones with the ego problem related to race…I have never met one Jew who said I’m white….and Italians “are” white??? I hope this isn’t where middle theory digs out the trash to do their show…unless it is to point out it’s garbage…

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