FBI Reports “Zero Murders” at Sandy Hook? Not So Fast…


In September, InfoWars.com carried a story which discussed how a recently released FBI crime fact sheet for 2012 offers a strange, and potentially damning piece of information: despite public knowledge of a tragic school shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in December of that year, there are apparently zero murders reported by the FBI for the town.

“Recently released FBI crime statistics curiously appear to show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012,” the article says, “despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.”

The FBI fact sheet in question does indicate a “0” value next to Newtown, Connecticut, for the year of 2012. So is this the latest “smoking gun” in an investigation of what many have already called a “false flag” incident, which the media has misreported as a tragic reality from day one?

Well, not so fast.

The present interpretation of the data, up to this point, has been that the FBI had, in fact, reported no murders in Newtown, CT, in 2012, contrary to the widely publicized school shooting that resulted in the deaths of 27 individuals, which included schoolchildren.

It is true that the FBI.gov data sheet on crime lists “0” in the field for homicides in Newtown, CT, for 2012, as can be seen in the document linked here:

FBI Crime Statistics Fact Sheet for 2012 

However, data maintained elsewhere by state police reports does account for the 27 deaths, which coincides with 27 rifle-related murders reported on page 12 of the following report:

2012 Annual Report of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Crimes Analysis Unit

110 murders and non-negligent homicides are listed in CT, based on data collected from local agencies statewide for 2012, according to the FBI website. This data is drawn from the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics) database, maintained jointly by the DOJ and FBI. Many have called into question why 27 murders were not listed specifically for Newtown by the FBI on their fact sheet, according to this data, which would have accounted for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

However, at UCRdatatool.gov, violent crime data that includes reporting from both local and state agencies can be accessed. Here, 146 murders and non-negligent homicides are listed; thus, the discrepancy between the FBI and the UCR data, according to their websites, is 36 murders.

It should be noted that at the FBI.gov website, for 2012, under the category “Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by State, Tribal, and Other Agencies for 2012”, the same number of murders (36 in total) appears again. It is clear that this number perfectly matches the discrepancy between the FBI and UCR statistics noted earlier, and hence explaining the anomaly. The relevant FBI data can be seen at the following link:

Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by State, Tribal, and Other Agencies for 2012 

In conclusion, the fact that zero murders or non-negligent homicides were reported in Newtown, CT, in 2012, according to the FBI fact sheet in question, does not suggest a cover-up had been underway, for which a low-key “admission” or public acknowledgement has been issued by the agency. There were, in fact, 36 murders or homicides reported by state agencies, more than enough to account for the 27 Sandy Hook victims… but FBI data listed them accordingly, and under a different set of data indicating state-gathered statistics, since State Police had been the agency tasked with investigation of the Sandy Hook incident (indicated at www.dpsdata.ct.gov).

Hence, the data pertaining to certain homicides in CT, including the deaths at Sandy Hook elementary, were merely filed separately, based on data collected by state agencies that had not been included in the portion of the FBI document called into question. The data exists, regardless, and can fully account for the perceived discrepancies.

As a final note on all this, since InfoWars carried the story back in September, other sites have begun to run with it as well, employing the same misinterpretation of the FBI’s data sheets as a case against the “official” narrative. What we learn from this is that, while data can appear to show us information that is relevant or in accordance with our beliefs, we must be careful about allowing the information to be cherry-picked in a way that merely confirms our biases, rather than explaining the entire situation. Morally, as researchers and writers on these subjects, we have an obligation to exercise extreme caution in any such case. Here, the promotion of a false narrative that “confirms” a conspiracy theory also dissuades believers in it from a reality that includes children whose lives were lost.

The memory of those children, and others who died in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, should be honored; not forgotten as a result of the continued dissemination of information that has not been interpreted critically, or carefully, enough.

Special thanks to Christopher McCollum of Middle Theory, who pulled together the details from relevant fact sheets and various agencies featured in this report.

20 Replies to “FBI Reports “Zero Murders” at Sandy Hook? Not So Fast…”

  1. I was made aware of this “error” in the FBI data just now.

    And you can say what you want, but it boggles the mind that the FBI would not have software that automatically balances out all the tables and signals any discrepancies!

    I don’t believe that they do everything by hand and not with cross-referenced data. That simply doesn’t make sense.

    And why not CORRECT the data for Newtown, so long after it has been published?

    Do they WANT to maintain the conspiracy theories?

    They could also annotate the corresponding field.

    Anyway, there have been way too many bizarre occurrences and inconsistencies to be ignored. The alleged father who supposedly just lost a child who jokes and laughs while he thinks he is not observed, then suddenly gets into “sad” mode, when he becomes aware of being on camera… highly suspicious!

      • Folks, I find it disheartening that, despite any credible evidence clearly outlaid before you, so many continue to advocate the idea that the shooting was a “false flag.” There are some in the media who have worked very hard to help instill paranoia, and a complete disregard for factual information, in favor of selling doomsday survival kits to people. We only ask, with the presentation of this article, that you read the information we present, and attempt your own critical evaluation of the data, based on the facts provided.

        • So no one rational has read this article? Things don’t add up, so I don’t believe them to be true. The people who perpetuate these conspiracies don’t listen to facts and form their own conclusions espoused by Alex Jones. It’s awful, especially since these supporters are harassing dead childrens’ parents and making a mockery of their death. The same people who believe the government is incompetent believe it has the ability to fake the death of 27 humans and gain the complicity of the mass media and national and local organizations.

        • The snickering father, FBI discrepencies still not corrected or statement to the like, supposed died kids seen singing at half time shows, footage of what appears to be kids fleeing a school but shows the teacher correcting as if a drill, port a potties recieve a call before medvac chopters are called, a former school superattendant is stonewalled for just asking questions and all the city is acting like they just committed fraud of some sort, not being forthright but dodging appearances. 911 call has reference to a drill, sign seen a round the scene the day of the shooting directing people to an area for signing in, the typical bottled water and food was set up for all the actors and so on…. Just search anyone of these bullet points for evidence.

    • I even called them and they would not fix their odd omission! What does that tell you? They won’t soil their rep baking an obvious hoax/drill or whatever that was. I think it was a ploy to boost gun sales because they eclipsed the previous 10yrs gun sales in the US since… Here is their number, you ask them to correct it, they will tell you no too. It’s not like it is so hard to update a website so something is crap in the punch bowl wrong if you ask me…

      For Web assistance, please contact the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division at (304) 625-4995.

  2. The story doesnt add up. I watched as the death toll was emotionally displayed on the news. I didnt see any helicopters, there had to be some children clinging to life. Something didnt add up with the interview of the Parker father, prior to the interview he seemed happy go lucky. The large cameras come on, and he goes into actin exercises. I almost sent money til I saw that. We have reasons to question this event.

  3. What boggles the mind is that America is asleep at the switch! It has been proven it was a hoax six hundred ways since Sunday. Have a look at real evidence: https://www.google.com/search?q=fbi+report+sandy+hppook&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:MIE-Address&ie=&oe=&gws_rd=sslhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNtF6tf_8gI

    What will it take to awaken, eyes opened, spreading the truth and acknowledging what’s going down?

    A travesty, so many are blinded falling prey to governmental conspiratorial hoaxes. And all the sheeple as innocent and ignorant

    as those lambs going to slaughter in Silence of the Lambs.

    It just takes a few brave men and women to tell the truth for the rest to follow. Where stands courage? We ALL know it was another false flag. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. Interesting that you folks who are responsible for this website say you are in the neutral middle meaning “Just the facts, ma’am” and yet at the end of the article you state “The memory of those children, and others who died in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, should be honored; not forgotten as a result of the continued dissemination of information that has not been interpreted critically, or carefully, enough.” Sounds more like propaganda to me than neutrality and some mighty guilt trippy, weepy propaganda to boot. I’m not neutral and to anyone who has looked at the Sandy Hook data for even 5 minutes can see what a ridiculous hoax it is so your comments are insulting to US where ours are not since these “dead children” are as imaginary as Jack and Jill with no real crowns being broken either in their narrative or Sandy Hook’s.

  5. Too many rely solely on Snopes or the like, which btw is owned by leftists, and don’t dig any further. Unfortunately free thinking is disparaged because of a sheep mentality. I question everything, especially when it’s covered immediately and sensationally by the major tv networks.

  6. If this discrepancy is the only point that convinces you one way or the other that Sandy was hoax, or not, I recommend you skip this insignificant conundrum and stick with the huge evidence and examples of how this event was indeed completely staged hoax.

    Read James Fetzer’s free pdf on the subject.

    Also reference the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012 that makes it perfectly legal to propagandize American citizens. That is unless the moderator of this site forbids you to read anything that doesn’t conform to its viewpoint. Make up your own mind. Do you won investigation.

  7. Uh…. Let’s see. The cops on site say they only recovered 4 PISTOLS. And yet the MEDICAL EXAMINER (and the author of this article) confirm that everyone was supposedly killed with rifles… That is either magic, error, or bs. Seeing as we are talking about the Medical Examiner, the FBI, and local PD on site, I am going to say this was BS…all of it…

  8. The only ‘facts’ anti-hoaxers present are the news and the parents and the logical fallacy: “You think they could fake that many deaths?” My question to you is what world do you live in where you should ask that question and not even consider the possibility, implications and motive behind a hoax like this.

  9. Don’t talk about Sandy Hook, 9/11, or the CIA spying. That’s makes you a crazy person who hates your country, puppies, and your grandma’s cooking! Let’s be sheep for slaughter.

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