06.17.20. Autonomy, or Anarchy?

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle has aroused controversy over what some call a “takeover” by political activists in the city. But has media reporting on the situation been accurate, and does it represent autonomy, anarchy, or something else? Continue reading 06.17.20. Autonomy, or Anarchy?

08.18.18. Resistance: Civil Disobedience

This week on Middle Theory we look at the ongoing “Battle for the Web,” as well as concepts of civil disobedience, the ways that government is changing our values, and how we can aspire to change government for the better. Continue reading 08.18.18. Resistance: Civil Disobedience

12.08.17. The New Jerusalem

This week, we discuss the recent decision by President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has been met with controversy and debate by the international community. As the Christmas season ensues, we begin with a discussion of holiday Continue reading 12.08.17. The New Jerusalem

11.21.17. Happy Franksgiving!

This week on Middle Theory, we celebrate Thanksgiving with a retrospective on the holiday, it’s history, controversies, and why some once called it “Franksgiving.” The holidays have finally rolled around… and here at Middle Theory, we’re keeping an eye on Continue reading 11.21.17. Happy Franksgiving!

10.05.17. What Happens in Vegas…

This week on Middle Theory, the horrible events that unfolded at a country music concert in Las Vegas are examined in depth. Is there more to the story behind the worst mass shooting in recent American history? With the horrible Continue reading 10.05.17. What Happens in Vegas…