01.10.21. Soylent Green

Soylent Green

As we kick off 2022, we reflect on the dystopian themes of the 1973 film “Soylent Green” as we look at why recent polls show one thing that people across the political spectrum agree on: that Democracy appears to be in peril. 

Happy New Year… as we kick off another revolution around the Sun, this week we stop to take a look at the world of 2022, and how it was envisioned in a dystopian portrayal in 1973 where synthetic foods, climate change, overpopulation, and a host of other issues had become a reality. We ask how close we are to mirroring what the film portrayed, as we reflect on a recent poll that found a majority of Americans are concerned about Democracy. Understanding the real reasons why is a bit more complex, which we attempt to resolve in our analysis this week on Middle Theory.

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