03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict

This week, we examine the controversy surrounding YouTube and its decision to threaten various users with strikes and eventual bans… where does the company draw the line? Continue reading 03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict

03.01.18. The Opioid Epidemic

This week on Middle Theory, Micah and McNonymous examine the current opioid epidemic in America, along with a number of issues of consideration including Russia, cloning, AI, and the ongoing debate over firearms in the U.S. Continue reading 03.01.18. The Opioid Epidemic

02.22.18. They Call B.S.

This week on Middle Theory, the student survivors of a recent shooting in Florida have taken to rallies and prime-time television following the incident that claimed their friends lives… and they call BS. Continue reading 02.22.18. They Call B.S.

01.25.18. The FBI’s ‘Secret Society’

On this week’s edition of the program, the Sentinels here at MID have recently been provided with information by Twitter regarding Russian influence in US election campaigns. While their vigilance is to be appreciated, we noticed that the email did Continue reading 01.25.18. The FBI’s ‘Secret Society’

01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year

This week on Middle Theory, the Sentinels return for 2018 to examine issues that include gas pumping laws, marijuana legalization, and the explosive release of the book “Fire and Fury” on Trump’s first year in office. HELLO. This week on Continue reading 01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year

12.08.17. The New Jerusalem

This week, we discuss the recent decision by President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has been met with controversy and debate by the international community. As the Christmas season ensues, we begin with a discussion of holiday Continue reading 12.08.17. The New Jerusalem

11.31.17. The Purge Continues

This week on Middle Theory, in an ongoing “purge” of sexual offenders within the media and entertainment industry, allegations against anchor Matt Lauer and radio host Garrison Keillor take center stage. On this week’s edition of the program, we discuss Continue reading 11.31.17. The Purge Continues