11.19.19. When in Rome

As the 2019 impeachment proceedings continue, we take a look at its historic roots in ancient Rome, and the rationale the Founding Fathers gave for it in the United States.  Continue reading 11.19.19. When in Rome

10.22.19. Lynch Pinning

This week Tulsi Gabbard becomes a target as Hillary Clinton weighs in on the 2020 Election, and historical perspectives are offered relating to Donald Trump’s use of the word “lynching.”  Continue reading 10.22.19. Lynch Pinning

10.11.19. The Drudge Retort

This week, we look at how the opinions of leading conservative media personalities like Matt Drudge are swaying public opinion in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment.  Continue reading 10.11.19. The Drudge Retort

10.01.19. Bullshit: A Theory

On this edition of the podcast, we examine one Professor’s “Theory of Bullshit”, the downfall of media in the Internet Age, and the ongoing saga of the attempt to impeach Donald Trump. Continue reading 10.01.19. Bullshit: A Theory