About Middle Theory

News, current events, history, and politics… without the slant of the mainstream.

On the Middle Theory podcast, commentator Micah Hanks provides an independent, nonpartisan look at what’s happening in the world, and always with a nod to the lessons history can teach us. The tone is often dark, but with a penchant for humor, aimed at creating images in the mind and colors in the listener’s ear while diving into the issues of today. Hanks takes an approach that is skeptical and highly caffeinated, asking hard questions about news, politics, cultural trends, historical events, and other relevant topics.

The podcast was launched in 2013 by Micah and his longtime friend, Christopher McCollum (or “McNonymous” as he became known on the show). The podcast has continued in various forms since that time, occasionally¬†with guest co-host Matthew Oakley who, along with McCollum, remain regular contributors of ideas and support to the show.

Several longtime listeners of our podcast, many of whom support our content through donations to the program, also help us by sending us news, opinions, and stories we may cover on the show. If you would like to send us a news tip or a show idea, you can email us here.

Middle Theory is willing to ask questions and address viewpoints that many listeners will disagree with, but also cause them to think critically and challenge their own ideas and ideologies. Join us for a mental foray into the “radical center” on Middle Theory.

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