08.11.20. Blast in Beirut

A recent devastating explosion in Lebanon’s port city capital of Beirut has raised questions over the country’s leadership, and the role that the international community will play in providing aid moving forward. Continue reading 08.11.20. Blast in Beirut

03.01.18. The Opioid Epidemic

This week on Middle Theory, Micah and McNonymous examine the current opioid epidemic in America, along with a number of issues of consideration including Russia, cloning, AI, and the ongoing debate over firearms in the U.S. Continue reading 03.01.18. The Opioid Epidemic

06.16.17. Bases Loaded

This week on Middle Theory, we kick things off by remembering that most famous ancient Chinese curse (which may or may not actually be an authentic, ancient Chinese curse, but nonetheless… ). Our discussion moves from talk of Oliver Stone’s Continue reading 06.16.17. Bases Loaded

01.12.17. Buzzfeed: Buzzkill

This week on on Middle Theory, a Buzzfeed article alleging Russia may have compromising information about President Elect Donald Trump has caused upset at a unique moment between presidencies. But first, we spend a bit of time discussing trending news, Continue reading 01.12.17. Buzzfeed: Buzzkill