09.01.18. John McCain: The Last Maverick

John McCain

On this edition of Middle Theory, we remember the life and political career of the influential Arizona Senator John McCain, who passed away on August 25, 2018. 

As we say so long to the month of August (and bid welcome back to those who have been “unplugged” for the last several weeks), Micah takes a moment to remind us how bad things could be… and in ancient Rome, that’s precisely how things were. Public insults in ancient Rome often were so volatile that they made today’s worst interactions on the World Wide Web look like an afternoon with the kids at the neighborhood jungle gym.

Then turning our attention to the news, we look at the bizarre claim that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was caught with transgender pornography on his phone during a live InfoWars segment, as well as the now resolved “mystery” of a woman filmed outside a Texas home wearing what appeared to be restraints of some kind… and little else. Scandals surrounding the Catholic Church are causing choppy waters for Pope  Francis and the folks at the Vatican, and also, is it true that the FBI was secretly releasing information to the press, which they then exploited as a measure to assist them in obtaining FISA warrants? A North Carolina congressman seems to think so…

Then finally, we turn our attention to the passing of Arizona senator and political “maverick” John McCain, whose legacy was both respected by both political parties, and at times unpredictable. In his final act before the nation, McCain’s funeral was planned carefully with a message of unity in times of political divisiveness… and with strong anti-Trump overtones. We examine this, and the broader influence McCain had on American politics.

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4 Replies to “09.01.18. John McCain: The Last Maverick”

  1. So I take it Hollywood is done throwing sexual harassers under the bus to hide pedophilia?

    Now if I wanted to be a star people would, scoff, laugh, chastise me under the guise that Hollywood is a tiny place, in a tiny industry, that has hundreds of people fighting over double to single digit opportunities, that Hollywood is but a drop in the water, my chances are slim to none, because it can only represent a tiny miniscule percent of those hundreds of people trying. Yet Hollywood can put a couple sexual harassers out of work and all those people who shit on my dream think Americas on the up rise, the road of real change? Yet the pedophile still made Jeepers Creepers 3, I smell little boys panties, and use film sets to exploit kids for sex, R Kelly still sells out arenas beloved by women, and Trump is what most people deem the best president since the one who used grammar wrong, got a bunch of claps, then took a bullet to the head.

  2. I don’t have a cellphone, facebook, myspace, youtube, Instagram, unplugging goes beyond social media it’s the way we present information, stale, dead, reading research and articles makes me suicidal its so depressing how humans are controlled and made lame. No light, no magic just dry, hard pushed, shit. Forcing shit out cause you can write and getting a check only means your a paid shit writer.

    Bukowski: It isn’t that I was so good it was that they are all so bad.

    History teacher? My wife is college now being taught pre Columbian people sacrificed, even though archeology has found no proof. Yes I understand the teacher has to preach the racist christian doctrine, but as a teacher she should be current on real history and point it out to her students like the good teachers I’ve had.

    The misuse of words…

    MR. McGregor my 6th grade science, SIP, and math teacher who taught us about electricity by letting us feel current, was called a Nazi by parents, he is one of only 3 teachers, K-college and jumping schools, who I met that could spot intelligence, and he rewarded it. All the others punished intelligence, it’s the christian way. Show people what happens when you think for you instead of just repeating back versus like a brainwashed primate parrot.

    I don’t have a phone so I’ll have to stay out of this one…

    They should have played some smooth Jazz while he talked about it all…

    Also I’m a huge fan of blacksploitation film and the media has taken what is supposed to be theme music for bad assess and made it the signal for terrible sex, I know a girl who talked like Alex after a shoot from having a dildo jammed down her throat.

    Come on can we make sure we get it right, he gets info from a guy who claims he’s the pastor of high ranking members in the illuminati, a pastor of a christian church, go figure the illuminati worships god, and his only abandoned son…

    Alex very well could have done it on purpose, and it worked, Micah try it, it could be all it takes to push MT to the top…

    I could make a page of me in drag then you can have the out of tolerance…

    I wasn’t watching a man perform sex acts riding a blow up pony for pleasure I did it for tolerance, that’s where you watch it, but you don’t get off.

  3. My favorite history lesson, and old time story telling device, is how my ancestors of the Mayan people all disappeared! It takes a real teacher to teach the descendant of a peoples that their people vanished without a trace hundreds of years ago. OOOOOhhh.

    Archeology today says the bible, people places, names, stories, do not line up, add up with real finds. That native Americans had cities, accepted gays, didn’t live where history says they did so near water. That Indigenous people dug up in graves show no signs of any sacrificial mutilation, yet college still teaches this and that Darwin is correct predicated on the Neanderthal link. WTF?

    Oh but they update books constantly to make a quick buck and stop students from doing what they do to Metallica with mass dubbing and lending.

  4. the world would be a better place if rebels manned the entirety of history, instead of feebles….

    Dear Micah love you fans, your fans will love you, even when your gone. Look at Michael Angelo, how old is he? Yet his fans have kept his memory and mystery thriving. Most joe average sell outs do all they do for family. They look at you and your fans and spit. Well I say to you ask them tell me about your great, great grand father…crickets…Family is a sham, they won’t care, no one will remember you, fans…that is who really loves you…

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