03.14.22. Ukraine: The Red Line

Red Line

This week, we discuss the latest on the developing situation with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, whether there is a “Red Line” for the Biden Administration, and insights on the conflict with reporter Tim McMillan.

As the Russian Invasion of Ukraine continues, more experts and analysts are becoming worried about the possibility of humanitarian threats from Vladimir Putin amidst rumors of possible use of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Pskaki has said the Biden Administration remains committed to avoiding war with Russia… but while Psaki says the White House won’t get into “speculations” about future conflict, is there a red line?

Then later in the program we are joined by reporter Tim McMillan of The Debrief, who has been covering the developing situation in Ukraine since the outset. McMillan offers his perspectives on the developing situation, and offers insights as to why things aren’t going so well for Russia at the moment… could the invasion attempt actually buckle in the days ahead?

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