02.28.22. World War Wired


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ensues, we examine the complicated dynamics between nations, and the new face of warfare in the technological age of the 21st century.

Last week, Vladimir Putin ordered his military forces to enter Ukraine in what the Russian leader had likely believed would be a swift capture of Ukraine. Now, as a full week into the conflict steadily approaches, the world has watched as Ukraine defends itself against a surprisingly slow movement of Russian forces, with an irritated Putin ordering nuclear forces to be at ready. The battle that ensues is unlike anything the world has ever seen, and many commentators are observing that 21st century conflict in our modern, “wired” world will help to ensure that it is never quite the same ever again… even in the midst of what has been characterized as a conflict more akin to the conquests of centuries past. This week, in addition to geopolitical perspectives and analysis of the response of other world leaders to the conflict, we also examine the deeper cultural and historical roots behind the current Russian invasion of Ukraine on this special edition of Middle Theory.

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