04.06.20. Deadly Nonsense

This week we look at U.S. intelligence reports indicating that China is concealing information on the coronavirus, ever-changing reports about the use of medical masks, and other bad or conflicting information in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  Continue reading 04.06.20. Deadly Nonsense

12.20.19. House Rules

This week we examine the historic impeachment of Donald Trump, activist Greta Thunberg’s selection as TIME “Person of the Year,” and Boris Johnson’s election win in the UK.  Continue reading 12.20.19. House Rules

06.24.16. BREXIT: The Collapse of Globalism

Yesterday, the people of the UK voted on the controversial British Referendum known as “BREXIT”. Today, in the aftermath of the vote, it has seemed at times as if the sky had already fallen… in other words: the fecal matter has hit Continue reading 06.24.16. BREXIT: The Collapse of Globalism