11.21.17. Happy Franksgiving!


This week on Middle Theory, we celebrate Thanksgiving with a retrospective on the holiday, it’s history, controversies, and why some once called it “Franksgiving.”

The holidays have finally rolled around… and here at Middle Theory, we’re keeping an eye on the news, as well as what’s been happening in the world abroad.

Stories the SENTINELS here in the middle ground have been following include a missing Argentinian Submarine, as well as the death of the infamous cult leader, Charles Manson, and the banning of YouTube channels featuring crazy, creepy, or exploitative content (some of which have made millions in ad revenue over the years).

Then turning our attention to the holiday at hand, how much of what we celebrate at Thanksgiving is really based on the true story of the occasion? We look at several aspects, from the pilgrims and their interactions with Native Americans, to the ways that corporate America helped shape the holiday in recent years, and much more on this special holiday edition of Middle Theory.

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