10.05.17. What Happens in Vegas…


This week on Middle Theory, the horrible events that unfolded at a country music concert in Las Vegas are examined in depth. Is there more to the story behind the worst mass shooting in recent American history?

With the horrible news out of Las Vegas this week, Micah and McNonymous start things off with an acknowledgement of the positive forces in so many of our lives, which are an inspiration during such times of trouble. We also look at the burgeoning market for “crypto-currencies”, and finally, some of the latest news out of the UK involving Theresa May.

Then turning our attention to the events unfolding in Las Vegas this week, we address a number of questions and conspiracy theories insinuated about the incident, which include some of the following:

  • One civilian allegedly warned the crowd “you’re all gonna die” 45 minutes before the shooting… she (a hispanic woman) was escorted out by security.
  • Reports of multiple shooters + audio analysis of the gunfire to support this.
  • Reports that exits at the venue were blocked and people weren’t able to flee
  • Sheriff saying repeatedly during press conferences “suspects” instead of “suspect”
  • No security camera footage released from within hotel
  • Was Paddock’s door open or barricaded shut? Conflicting reports
  • Business Insider article says Campos saw Paddock’s door ajar and approached, and was then shot
  • Every other source says door was barricaded and Campos had to pry the door open with his nightstick before Paddock began shooting

Will we ever truly know the full details behind what led to this murderous act? Perhaps not… although there is at least a strong possibility that this may have been a factor: The Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June, which remains a common (though unproven) link between many similar horrific shootings in recent memory. Is it a thread worthy of being explored further?

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5 Replies to “10.05.17. What Happens in Vegas…”

  1. Beyond sympathetic…For “ALL” including the shooter…I’m someone who has lived the hopelessness of our society. Went to a church where the pastor was sleeping with wives, went to schools that punished me for being creative, was talked into a crime I didn’t commit as a child by police, was almost put in prison for a story I wrote, had my childhood best friend and favorite cousin hang themselves, have tried to save a life that resulted in the person dying, went to the worst school in town gangs/guns special needs children???, have friends who shot a Jefferson county bully before it resulted in Columbine, had my mother told she was mentally ill her whole life then when they finally admitted fibromyalgia is real they gave her morphine patches that killed her, best friend is in prison for double homicide even though he went to all the finest correctional youth programs, is this the best we can do? And have watched society do nothing but provoke people and make a dollar….

  2. This is the 21st century. I think if you are going to get engaged to a man in battle you should at least live together three months first. I mean you haven’t even kissed yet and you already want to kill each other? Where’s all the mommy and daddy propaganda trying to talk their kids out of this disastrous relationship? He’s carrying a P-45 get HIM!!!!!!! Do you think Alex Jones being kidnapped and locked in a bunker would be the best publicity ever for Infowars? The Lindbergh Baby Huey. Micah we should do the old time radio program of it I have reason 8 😉

  3. At 25:16 in the primer fields there is a great physics example of how political left right paradigms work from my point of view. It is nothing but a con to leave people to dwindle in limited pastures between two walls instead of walking around and keeping on going they roll around in the center like a magnet. Tonight on Alex Jones the political magnetizing of America…

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