03.16.18. From Russia, with Blood

On this edition of Middle Theory, we kick things off by looking at the Illuminati and occult symbolism in Saint Patrick’s Day (since every holiday celebrated in America is apparently based on blood cult rituals and the pervasive influence of secret societies… just like ours). However, moving on to more serious issues, we also examine the myth of Irish ‘slavery’, which in the past has been promoted by white supremacists around the time of St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, one of our most recent favorites argues that The Simpsons manages to keep predicting the future because Matt Groening himself is associated with that most famous secret society, the Freemasons (there are, however, at least 25 instances where The Simpsons actually did predict the future). All discussion of predictions and time-traveling Freemasons aside, one data analyst a while back managed to create a formula for the maximum number of people to be involved in a conspiracy for it to remain silent… hence, we look at the likelihood that many overarching conspiracies could truly remain silent.

Then getting to the MID, the US has blamed Russia for cyberattacks on its energy grid and water systems going all the way back to 2016, and this just days after the UK chose to expel 23 Russian diplomats in retaliation against a recent assassination attempt against a Russian ex-pat. In similar news, a Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov was found dead in his London home; while experts say there is no link between the two incidents, it’s enough to have many Russian born UK residents worried, and has resulted in British PM Theresa May calling for a boycott of the Russian World Cup.

Finally, are there actual drops in testosterone affecting men in the United States, as one recent Fox News report argued? We look at this, and other trending items in the news on this week’s edition of MIDDLE THEORY.

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6 Replies to “03.16.18. From Russia, with Blood”

  1. What media and politics do in this country is nothing other than gather the morons behind a product…gather voters, fans, idiots, and corruption enablers. You will notice every political topic our media and gov focuses on is a polarized stalemate. It isn’t about change, it’s about mindless numbers. How many of you would go to a chess match and then start a campaign off a stalemate? We need to change the Chess laws…that is exactly what you all are doing…
    it isn’t about change it’s about polar opposites drawing in the termites, flies, mosquitos, and leech farmers, to dead meat…

  2. We know the laws say stalemate and there is nothing they, or we, or anyone, can do about it, but those idiots, voters, who don’t know how a chess game works, we can play them like checkers.

    If you think the sky should rise green tomorrow vote for trump

    If you think the Sky should be fluorescent pink instead vote for hill

    Two polarizing things existing in a sentence that has no literal value or meaning = politics…

    And Adel, and Rhianna, fox, msnbc, atheism, books, religion, love, tv, and Alan Watts all have humanity dog trained on idealist dripple…”nonsense”…rollover…good voter dogs…and if you add the crap above together = American education system.

  3. Is it not insanity that our religion is based off of “sin” being a perfectly good edible apple serving its true purpose by being eat able?

    so right there you have it good apples are apples that fall on the ground and rot…do nothingers

    then the evil of course, are those who test human bullshit and find out we are attracted to red and other blatant signals of possibility, wealth and, growth, we don’t need bs we have clear signs in nature…(devil worshiper) it’s as American as eating pie made out of an object that caused death, suffering, and horror…

    could one of you Hebrew scholars show me where it says apples are kosher now…or should I just go with the old go along, if everyone else is doing it must be right, truth, and good…

  4. on the Simpsons thing you had it right the first time my main man… a prophecy is nothing other than a blueprint. The television and the culture industry provide us with the blue print then we vote it in and claim prophecy did it… Oh none of us voted for that, it must of been faulty voting machines, destiny, or just god’s will that trump is in the mirror, Tv, and on the front page of my news paper, every morning when I wake up…all bought and paid for with my hard earned prophecy dollar… if it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars, years and people to fund it, plot it, plan it, then act it all out in a combined effort like a Broadway play…it’s a prophecy…. unless you guys are into the woo crap ;P

  5. And although I don’t agree with all he thinks Adorno wrote about this very thing and it is taught in film school, plus TV is self referencing to force people to watch endless trash to keep with the in jokes on fox and msnbc. Someone should create a wiki page listing all the jokes comedians and TV writers got from the news. Charlie sheen is a great example. Anyway Adorno explained the creating of actors, artist, musicians, and polarizing parties, to play politicians on tv, it is called the culture industry by it self and for a good reason…

    now if someone became president who never appeared on one single screen anywhere, now that would be something to seek your eyes into…

    I actually have a story where people “turn on” TV, so instead of worshipping them they all attack…the screens become like wanted posters in the 1880’s showing everyone who all the phonies, frauds, and hucksters are, and they all get it for once…

  6. I have your answer to the end comment, and I wish you guys would get into this deep, every little detail, but the rise in cuckold porn says that while in Hollywood, the small reaching shallow society surface, the need and acceptance for the beta seems winning, but in the bedroom, behind closed doors, reality, the need for a real man is rising rapidly…plus me knowing how much boner pills are sold just in my small area…So many studs are in fact using…did they take this into account?

    Seriously look at the explosion of cuckold which is based on a weak beta man getting a “real” man to do his job…and understand most so called alphas are juicing to get the bull part…now your starting to see the real reality…and a lot of it is mental…just like PTSD…you don’t see extremists with PTSD, because their actions align with their community belief…we are seeing clear evidence our belief controls us…the only laws there truly ever are that have any real effect are the laws of nature. Everything else is just fairytale. It only holds if people play along, but has no true bearing. Police, lawyers, Judges, people who deal with law understand this, that law is the weak people putting the responsibility elsewhere more and more… Law is a top down thing it never works to end things like crime…you need to take your own community and what your kids are being taught and who they are being locked in with, and stop pandering to uncle Sam for a show…cause that’s all your getting…wasting our tax dollars on a show…yes we’ll look right into getting the pawn to move like a bishop people rest assured we are on it…just like we are all about turning the sky green for you…vote for us…and you will…

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