04.06.21. Deadly Force

deadly force

As the trial of Derek Chauvin proceeds, we look at statements from police and medical professionals who call the death of George Floyd the result of “deadly force.” 

This week, while many states are setting new plans for reopening in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are still getting vaccinated, while others await vaccine availability in their localities. Also, the Senate continues to weigh options regarding the filibuster, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing him to serve two more terms. Meanwhile, as the trial of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin ensues, experts including members of law enforcement and medical professionals have taken to the stand, calling Chauvin’s actions which led to the death of George Floyd “excessive” and “deadly.” We examine all this, and more on this week’s edition of Middle Theory. 

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One Reply to “04.06.21. Deadly Force”

  1. It went wrong when public servants started calling themselves, “leaders”. Then, democracy died when the media started doing the same.

    Great shows recently Micah.

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