03.31.20: Buying Time

As Washington passes the CARES Act, buying time for Americans who are out of work and stuck at home, we look at the economic effects of the pandemic situation, and the usual partisan spin presented by politicians and the media.  Continue reading 03.31.20: Buying Time

12.20.19. House Rules

This week we examine the historic impeachment of Donald Trump, activist Greta Thunberg’s selection as TIME “Person of the Year,” and Boris Johnson’s election win in the UK.  Continue reading 12.20.19. House Rules

10.11.19. The Drudge Retort

This week, we look at how the opinions of leading conservative media personalities like Matt Drudge are swaying public opinion in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment.  Continue reading 10.11.19. The Drudge Retort

10.01.19. Bullshit: A Theory

On this edition of the podcast, we examine one Professor’s “Theory of Bullshit”, the downfall of media in the Internet Age, and the ongoing saga of the attempt to impeach Donald Trump. Continue reading 10.01.19. Bullshit: A Theory

01.18.19. Secrecy and the Fourth Estate

This week we look at the history of government secrecy since the end of World War II, the reasons for it, and the role of the press and other organizations in promoting transparency.  Continue reading 01.18.19. Secrecy and the Fourth Estate

01.12.19. Shutdown

This week on Middle Theory, we look at the details behind what has led to the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.  Kicking things off this week, it’s been tough times for government employees, hundreds of thousands of whom haven’t Continue reading 01.12.19. Shutdown