03.31.20: Buying Time

As Washington passes the CARES Act, buying time for Americans who are out of work and stuck at home, we look at the economic effects of the pandemic situation, and the usual partisan spin presented by politicians and the media.  Continue reading 03.31.20: Buying Time

02.19.20. Beg Your Pardon

This week, clemency has been granted to a number of criminal associates of Donald Trump, and news surfaces that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was also allegedly offered a pardon… for a price.  Continue reading 02.19.20. Beg Your Pardon

08.21.16. The Trump-Clinton Connection

Is there really a deeper connection between Donald Trump and the Clintons than has been reported during this election season? We examine this latest “conspiracy theory” on this week’s edition of the Middle Theory podcast. Continue reading 08.21.16. The Trump-Clinton Connection