03.31.20: Buying Time

buying time

As Washington passes the CARES Act, buying time for Americans who are out of work and stuck at home, we look at the economic effects of the pandemic situation, and the usual partisan spin presented by politicians and the media. 

America and the rest of the world remain on lockdown… and from this unique period of isolation where safe-spaces can no longer easily be invaded, and fighting and flame wars have been replaced by a sense of togetherness in the face of struggle, we predict that an all-new phenomenon has begun to emerge: the era of the Social Distance Warrior.

Well, not really (but it was a fun play on words). This week, we turn our attention to the latest spate of theories being linked on news sites and social media that attempt to link the coronavirus to Chinese laboratories. USA Today notes that there is little basis for the claim, and points out a number of commentators who have peddled similar ideas… or did they? Then later in the program, we turn our attention to the passing of the CARES Act, how it is intended to help Americans, and why this is important in terms of buying time for the rest of the world and the global economy. However, not all were thrilled about the bill, and many have been asking on both sides of the political fence what the longterm repercussions might be. We analyze all this, and more on this week’s edition of Middle Theory.

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