05.04.18. The President, The Porn Star, and the Payoff

This week on Middle Theory, as “Rudolph” Giuliani takes the place as President Donald Trump’s new attorney, new questions arise in the continuing Robert Muller probe… will it ever end? Continue reading 05.04.18. The President, The Porn Star, and the Payoff

04.19.18. The Oklahoma City Bombing

This week on Middle Theory we remember the events surrounding the tragic Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995, on the date of its twenty-third anniversary.  Kicking things off, Micah begins with an anecdote about one of the most unusual and little-known Continue reading 04.19.18. The Oklahoma City Bombing

01.25.18. The FBI’s ‘Secret Society’

On this week’s edition of the program, the Sentinels here at MID have recently been provided with information by Twitter regarding Russian influence in US election campaigns. While their vigilance is to be appreciated, we noticed that the email did Continue reading 01.25.18. The FBI’s ‘Secret Society’

01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year

This week on Middle Theory, the Sentinels return for 2018 to examine issues that include gas pumping laws, marijuana legalization, and the explosive release of the book “Fire and Fury” on Trump’s first year in office. HELLO. This week on Continue reading 01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year

11.03.17. The Fed

With Donald Trump’s new nomination of Jerome Powell as head of the “The Fed” (The Federal Reserve, that is), we examine the history of America’s Central Bank, and its constitutional implications. In addition to the recent release of long-classified JFK Continue reading 11.03.17. The Fed

08.17.17. Clash in Charlottesville

This week on Middle Theory, a recent white nationalist march in Charlottesville was met with counter protests, which resulted in one death and nineteen injuries… and in the aftermath, Donald Trump’s comments became the central focus of the issue. While Trump defended Continue reading 08.17.17. Clash in Charlottesville

08.06.17. Leaks of Fury

This week on Middle Theory, in the wake of Anthony Scarramucci’s abrupt departure, the White House continues its war on leaks about its integral operations. This week, all hell is breaking loose… quite literally for some. Employees at one business Continue reading 08.06.17. Leaks of Fury

06.30.17. Trump’s Twitter-Tantrum

This week on Middle Theory, for some reason Donald Trump’s latest “Twitter-Tantrum” are the leading story in the news (again). What does the ongoing saga of our commander in chief’s social media activity tell us about him, his mental state, and Continue reading 06.30.17. Trump’s Twitter-Tantrum