02.24.21: Cointelpro Confessions


This week, in addition to news we look at recent developments regarding the assassination of Malcolm X, a deathbed confession, and its alleged relationship to the intelligence community’s COINTELPRO operations. 

As millions of Americans have awaited the arrival of COVID-19 stimulus checks, some people are learning that they won’t be able to receive theirs until they file their 2020 taxes. Meanwhile, the discussion of stimulus packages came up during a recent New York Times discussion with Senator Mitt Romney, who dropped the bombshell statement that if he runs in 2024, Donald Trump would be likely to win the GOP nomination. We look at the populist sentiments that Romney says exist on both sides of the political aisle, and what events in recent years led to them.

Then after the break, we shift our attention over to claims by the surviving family members of Malcolm X, who say that a “deathbed confession” may link the NYPD and FBI to the activist’s assassination. If true, it stokes the fires beneath long-held questions about COINTELPRO, and the involvement of intelligence agencies in the deaths of other activists like Fred Hampton over the years. Is there additional information about Malcolm X’s death that may exist, but which the government has yet to disclose?

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