02.02.21. The Cult of Trump

Cult of Trump

This week we look at upsets within the GOP as Bush-era Republicans announce their departure from the party, which some call the “Cult of Trump.”

Americans continue to suffer sleepless nights as the coronavirus pandemic ensues, but some doctors are now saying many Americans are exhibiting concussion-like symptoms. Murder rates also saw historic highs in 2020, according to a new study, which affects everything from education and films, to Super Bowl Sunday. Meanwhile, all hell broke loose last week when the Robinhood trading app restricted transactions for certain securities after a group of Redditors decided to cause GameStop shares to surge.

We weigh in on the Robinhood controversy, and then looking at politics this week, there have been shake ups in the GOP in recent days after many Bush-era Republicans have announced they are leaving the GOP after likening it to a “Cult of Trump.” Will the Republican Party be able to realign its interests over the next four years, or did Trump’s presidency present greater challenges to the party’s standards and leadership than many may realize?

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