05.10.21. Zucked


This week, we look at the problems arising from Facebook’s Oversight Board refusing to make decisions for the company about the ongoing ban of Donald Trump from its platform. 

Following a ransomware attack that has left much of the Eastern U.S. with gas shortages, a State of Emergency has been declared in several states. Heading into the summer, will gas prices continue to rise about $3 per gallon, or even higher? We also look at this, as well as how the pandemic has resulted in an aluminum can shortage, the end of the combined comedy efforts of Seth Rogan and James Franco following misconduct allegations against Franco, and more.

Then turning our attention to other matters, the Facebook Oversight Board recently made the choice not to offer a decision regarding the platform’s ban of former president Donald Trump, stating instead that the company should be required to have clearer rules and policies regarding such issues. The company has drawn criticism in the wake of the situation from both the left, and the right, as it highlights clear issues that Facebook will have to now face up to with relevance to everything from propaganda, to free speech. Will the company be able to recover, or are they now in the precarious position of finding themselves “zucked” at their own game? We analyze the story and its implications on this week’s Middle Theory.

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