08.25.17. Antifa in America

This week on Middle Theory, in addition to a discussion about conspiracy theories, belief in them, and media manipulation, we focus on the unrest and controversy surrounding the Antifa groups and their counter-protest activities. What is a “conspiracy theory”, and Continue reading 08.25.17. Antifa in America

08.17.17. Clash in Charlottesville

This week on Middle Theory, a recent white nationalist march in Charlottesville was met with counter protests, which resulted in one death and nineteen injuries… and in the aftermath, Donald Trump’s comments became the central focus of the issue. While Trump defended Continue reading 08.17.17. Clash in Charlottesville

01.20.17. Inauguration Day: The “Designated Survivor”

This week on Middle Theory, we discuss the highlights, and controversies surrounding the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. It is “a uniquely American expression of our Constitutional system”, the ceremonial inauguration of our Continue reading 01.20.17. Inauguration Day: The “Designated Survivor”