10.12.17. Weinstein’s Last Stand


This week on Middle Theory, we look at the appalling allegations of sexual misconduct recently alleged against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

But first, Micah tells us about a harrowing experience he recently had, involving a bomb threat at an airport. We also look at the latest in the ongoing affair of Julian Assange, and recent developments in the Imran Awan trial.

And of course, Harvey Weinstein has become the latest scumbag to be revealed in Hollywood for his abuse of women. We look at all the developments, details, and implications of the accusers, among them Rose McGowan, who claims her Twitter account was suspended for speaking out against Weinstein.

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One Reply to “10.12.17. Weinstein’s Last Stand”

  1. Devils advocate… Isn’t it strange how everyone calls down Hollywood as being whores and prostitutes and yet as soon as a guy like Harvey does it he’s a monster?

    Fortunately I’m a douche who lifts up their hero’s and Cronenberg my fav had long since put Bearenstein on my hit list. He didn’t even have to get rapey with a person to garner disgust from me his molestation of art told me long ago he was scum.

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