09.27.17. The EMP Threat


This week on Middle Theory, we look at electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) attacks, and whether nations like North Korea are a legitimate concern for such threats.

It seems that new regulations are coming down the pipe from the Transportation Security Administration, who are changing some of the key requisites for security screenings in relation to domestic travel. Micah tells us about his own recent experiences with the TSA, and we also look at some recent incidents that may raise concerns. We also look at how countries in Canada and Mexico are cashing in on the lack of regulations about water extraction from the ground… does this essentially constitute a sort of “filtration tax” in some countries?

Then we look at the frightening issues related to the potential for an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) attack, and whether certain “rogue nations” like North Korea and Iran should be considered more threatening than they presently are. Could EMP attacks be the single greatest threat to America, and other nations, existent today? We say YES.

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5 Replies to “09.27.17. The EMP Threat”

  1. My favorite things in the world are aimless and meaningful travelling, experiencing new things/learning, and what I live for is listening to people talk and share, and write. So your telling me that if an EMP goes off the world would be reduced to all my favorite pass times? There is a scene in the movie Road Racers were the cook/restaurant owner(set in the 50’s grill right behind counter) tells the customer I’ll spit in your burger, and he says “I wish you would. At least then it might taste like something.”

  2. Appearance discrimination is allowed by our law and promoted rightly in every society, it is your observational right as a living thing to judge appearances for survival and is considered not only natural but a sign of intelligence. What isn’t natural is the academic brain molding through media that gives an opinion without a real experience to go along with it. There is little difference between prejudice and indoctrination, nor hate and perspective-less teaching. Fearing experience is the spine of religion, what is religion then? Any philosophy that preaches diminishment of experience and undermines observation of the individual. The reason your parents didn’t let you go in their room around Christmas time was they knew eventually you would see things they had hidden from you. It is only a police state if we swallow that there is nothing to see here and just move on never looking.

  3. First they came for ideas and I did not speak out, then they came for possibilities, and still I said nothing, then they came for experience, no sweat I had media, books and a phone who needs the real thing? Needless sufferers and sadomasochist that’s who , then they came for the thinkers and I did nothing because I wasn’t a thinker who cares, and nobody came for me cause I was never a threat. And why would they I put people on pedestals and worship them like a good sell out living vicarious through those better than I. I am a know nothing arrogant know it all and my thought process is nothing more than a product of a consumer system. Just enough intelligence to choose but not enough to know why. (Updated for relevance in our society)

  4. Here is some numerology that people spit when they hear and cross the road yet if you hear it out it makes more sense than what they taught you. In real number systems there is only nine numbers and numerology is nothing more than root and simplifying. To confuse you they have added negative infinity to infinity whose got time for that? 9 now I can work with that. Some cool properties of 9 no one shows you. 9 plus any number equals that number if you simplify. Example 9+5=14 to simplify add the two left over digits 1+4=5. Also when multiplying with 9, 9x any number will simplify back into 9. 9X3=18. 1+8=9. As a person who struggled with math I have found numerology has really taught me a better understanding of numbers. Put all the associating numbers with behavior and predictions aside and you have left a very efficient math teaching system. I went from needing calculators to doing math in my head so if this can help someone else excellent.

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