02.01.18. Februarius: The State of the Union

State of the Union

This week on Middle Theory, we examine Trump’s first State of the Union address and the double-standards within politics and the entertainment industry.

This week sees another installment of the upcoming Water Wars that the world is going to eventually face, caused in part by bottling companies and their massive, and oftentimes illegal/unethical, extraction of groundwater with zero to minimal compensation to the community around them. The focus in this opening segment is on April 16, 2018, what is being called ‘Day Zero’ in South Africa. This day, or shortly before it, is when Cape Town (population 4,000,000) is predicted to completely run out of water, becoming the first modern metropolis to face this dire scenario. Don’t worry though, Coca-Cola is there to provide relief.

From water to martinis, we moved into a short discussion of Frank Sinatra, gin, and spirits in general. Chris mixes a dry gin martini on the air, while Micah (with his preference for peat moss ) pours a Guinness.

Unfortunately, the conversation had to move from classical music to modern music, as the socio-racial implications of last week’s Grammys were discussed. There is quite a bit of controversy around some of the snubbed artists.

Following the Grammys, we get another update on the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas, as an accidental release of information reveals the identity of another person of interest in the case. Beyond that, there’s an update on the records side of things as a District Court judge ordered the Clark County coroner’s office to pay $32,000 in legal fees for not releasing the autopsy of Stephen Paddock yet, and demanded the immediate release of the report. What’s going on here?

Moving to the middle of the show, there was an Ordination at hand, as the princely support of Thomas Dow Jr. earned him an induction into the World’s Most Secret Society, with the title of Alchemist of Algorithms.

The second part of the show dealt with President Trump’s State of the Union address; the truths, the stretches, and the reactions. Interestingly, Bill Nye, oftentimes maligned by a particular MID co-host for his dubious socio-political interpretations of science, has caught fire and fury from certain groups on the left for attending the address. Guilt by association.

The show is closed out with another guilt by association topic: Oprah Winfrey’s associations with a number of high profile alleged sex abusers in Hollywood. Despite quietly ordering a reprint of her latest book which removes Russell Simmons’ excerpts, she still has a lot of photographs over the years with people on the #metoo Most Wanted List. The problem is that Oprah has not been derided as tacitly approving of the abuses in the entertainment industry, despite appearing comfortable with many powerful men with hundreds of allegations against them. Why then is Bill Nye in trouble for attending a State of the Union address?

Special thanks to those who supported Middle Theory over the Holiday break:

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ORDINATES: Thomas Dow Jr.

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7 Replies to “02.01.18. Februarius: The State of the Union”

  1. Wish I could listen but for the past few weeks middle theory pops up as exclamation when I press update on iTunes?

    Unfunny enough I was going to write to all my fav pod smiths and ask you guys if you think iTunes has it out for podcasts because people like me only listen to them and don’t want to pss away my hard earned money on idealist extremist trash passing for song writing and pay to hear musicians I’m better than.

    So first ITunes tried to erase podcasts off people computers, so if you listen to a podcast they go into your files and delete it, wtf? Then they took the refresh all button off so guys like me who listen to 50 pods have to go to each individual pod and press refresh or give ITunes the power to download which makes it hard to keep up seeing as their devices constantly crash wiping my 180g pod out. It seems they keep down grading pods and making it less user friendly, while trying to push soft served butt juice as melting frozen yogurt, making music the great mind killer more accessible for word junkies to get their fix of meaningless drivel and sell the hard suffering and woes of writing clichés down and filling the rest with mmmmmmmmm ahhhhh ohhh ,no no no, yeah yeah yeah, om way om way oh, boy if you got nothing to say shut up and let us hear the band for a change. You ever notice how the bands with the best singers play the crappiest simplist shit? you would think a great singer could keep up, guess not. I’d like to see a death metal band who goes into soft string strumming and low drum tapping every time the guy goes “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

    Has anyone seen the Jack black movie about the polka player? watch that because your favorite band looks like that to every one else…. Hahahhaha…

  2. good thing I see the play button above ah hahahhaha…

    The six degrees of trump…

    So I know people who have been in Trumps house and apparently Trump is either dainty or he’s cheap on the guest toilets, but the person I know took a crap in trumps guest toilet and couldn’t flush it so he through it out the window not knowing trumps guest were down bellow having a fabulous party. SPLAT… True Story…

  3. I never understood why people psss water over green grass when the natural plants get 8 feet high without wasting precious little? A man I truly respects opinion said people who have nice lawns, they are dead inside…

    Here in Colorado we have had no snow practically so they are already crying about water here, for lawns…

    Since I’m allergic to practically everything especially alcohol which makes my skin turn into a sea of scaly scabs, lichen planus, I’ll be smoking my neighbor lawns to celebrate with you…

    You know I have to say though I’m proud of Hollywood, I have personal acquaintances who were trying to recruit people to go to R Kelly so Hollywood did something about the scum average America is so addicted to shit, phonies, frauds, and hucksters, they will spend a quarter of their paycheck to worship some pedophile abuser, these are women for FFFffffffffffs sake???

    again from my experience, sexual harassment is when an ugly guy hits on a girl, If I do it I’m R Kelly and the girl get all giggle and giddy?

    Can you imagine if in a court trial they called up all a woman’s past lovers and they testified to the sick S@#$% the girl allowed them to do, say, molest, to them, and then showed the unappealing mook that is being charged with having done less?

    Just like a guy I listen to who complains about fan mail yet if one of his idols wrote F u trash he’d have it hanging on the ceiling mirror above his spinning heart shaped sex spot feeling it in.

    Double standards like a mother from humans…

    Boy did you guys see the interview with David Lynch on the sex in Hollywood? I had to take back everything I ever thought of the guy as an intelligent being. Basically he said the old Chritian horse turd but what you want done…???WTF that is exactly what creeps like Harvey are doing you stupid mother Fkj5898 He wants to be molested duh. So based on that logic let all the rapist free because they were only doing the good Christian thing and treating people how they want to be treated….. Man America is idealistarded…

  4. Read the Manga Ichi the Killer, or watch the movie, it is about a sadomasochist who goes around torturing people cause he loves being tortured and can’t find anyone tough enough to dish it back. The best example of Christian values you’ll ever find…

    As someone who worked in the sex industry there is no greater example than sex that people do not have any common ground and that you can’t set a society up off trying to make one. Their is always some guy who loves it up the !@#$ with a rail road spike(one of many blunt sharp objects I swept up off an arcade floor) who’s trying to sell you on it ain’t so bad. democrats and republicans I do not like rail road spikes, not on the end of a dimmery do, not with a side of sex pills and liquid viagra, I do not like rail road spikes especially in my @#$ and I’ve read green eggs and ham so I understand once America tries it and loves it as a true democracy, middle theory will be forced to cast sitting on a @#$% covered stool with trump and hill doing a duet on a @#$ covered screen, trying not to @#$ cause we all now love it some much…

  5. What is true art? William Burroughs said gay men can be programmed to respond sexually to a boot. What does that say about human’s? They can be trained to think anything is anything… Human’s are observers if art isn’t a reflection of subjective observing it isn’t art… Meaning people who make music are generally not artists they play what people want and reflect the objective views of the culture industry selling it’s view of life, same as film makers, using reality as an excuse, cause it’s hard to sell pepsi, and how to be an American when your film is creative and set in another place, culture, reality… This is possibly why sci fi is at such an all time low… People want to be feed what to be, the artists are here to do it…no Fing job too dirty for an artist…

  6. I am very skeptical if there is a such thing as art at all, the concept only exists because we learned it, do people from a tribe in Africa see an art museum and go wow that’s art? Even I don’t, the art museum here in town if that reflects good art…pfffff… Art is interpreted subjectively so why shouldn’t it be made subjective? This is why as a writer I do not read, writers seem to think words are something they are not, WSB is the only other person I have heard about who like me understands words are nothing, you can randomly put words together and be called a literary genius. This is what Burroughs did and the other Beats had a problem with that just like science dweebs will have a problem with me saying if a computer writes the next great American novel that is no feat at all. Our view of words in this country is sick, to think that I am damned by what I write when these words are from other cultures is enough to make me write off our whole civilization. As an actor I played a troll and so I went on line and became one to practice for the part, how many Americans could even fathom a person who writes something has zero investment other than to see the tick? None! Because we are taught wrongly you are these words and so if you write them you are responsible they are your words. F that..

    Loved in an interview with Clive Barker, my fav… he said the person who writes my books is someone completely different than me. Most people can’t even grasp what that means, you are possessed, possessed by someone else’s words thinking its you…

    PS writers suck… get a life, get an imagination, get off the culture industry word sauce…

    PS.S. Why do people complain about origins only in super hero films? You hear this constantly, how many times do I have to see Spider-Man get bit by a spider, or see Batman’s parents killed? Yet not one of these nerds complains as I do about having to see a person eating food, going to school, being, a dad, how many Fing times do we need to be shown a person in America is a !@##$$%person in america??????????? After the dinning scene in Salo I think everything’s been said about eating…

    Unless it is pivotal to the story like in Godfather, it’s force feeding products and behaviors is all. If you watch Godfather the reason they even show meals is it is central to the story. The Corleone’s are shown in multiple scene cooking together making pasta home cooked meals, then at the end when Pacino goes to do the hit at the restaurant we see the Corleone’s have ordered…duh duh duh…TAKE OUT…

    If it’s trying to be real it’s just… PROPAGANDA

  7. The guy who shot up my local Walmart, it was pretty telling how ignorant American’s are and bought in to the con of safety, by how many people immediately attacked the PD twitter about how long it took to put up photos and that they were essentially worthless, blurry beyond anyone who wasn’t there’s deciphering.

    As a person who had to constantly give police footage, yeah actually Joaquin Phoenix in 8 mm is a true representation of a porn clerk and police relationship, as I too was approached many times by detectives and police about local murders and sex crimes for info. I think it says more about the perception of porn than having any real worth…

    Anyway camera’s are like god they only keep people who believe in their power from committing crimes. Some places do not even have their cameras connected, it’s a gargoyle, the ones that do the photo quality is garbage. If I called police to prosecute a thief the footage was only good as a substitute for my directly having seen the person. so to save on me having to go to court I can say the video is of the guy who is being charged, the film isn’t magically a observer who can condemn people. People are bought into @#$%. Are words to blame?

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