12.02.19. London Bridge Attacks, Redux

London Bridge Attacks

This week we look at the recent London Bridge attacks, and why some attempts at regulation may only make problems with terrorism threats more problematic. 

It sounds like something out of a science fiction film… a large, slow-moving blob was observed moving directly toward the White House, prompting military and other government officials to place Washington on lockdown. However, the official explanation for this one is fairly mundane (if not a bit bird-brained), although that still leaves a number of questions about security threats with relation to the Nation’s Capital.

We then turn our attention to the first interview given by actor and comedian Bill Cosby since he began his prison sentence, after being convicted of indecent assault in April of last year. Cosby, seemingly unrepentant, says he did nothing wrong, and even went so far as to tell interviewers from the prison where he remains that his trial was “all a setup. That whole jury thing. They were imposters,” and that he was wrongly accused. Ironically, Cosby has remained involved with reform programs for young African American men while in prison, which encourages responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions… something Cosby himself seems to be avoiding.

Then we present the latest on the recent stabbing attack that occurred at London Bridge and the political response to the incident. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks shortly after they occurred, having recently called for retaliatory attacks of this kind following the U.S. Delta Force operation that took out Abu Bakr al Baghdadi last month. Meanwhile, many politicians have expressed anger that the London attacker–who had been charged with crimes related to terrorism previously–was released and able to commit more terrorist acts. However, there has been pushback against calls for tightened regulation, namely from Boris Johnson, which some view as being a potentially totalitarian response to a problem that simply isn’t easy to deal with… and which doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.


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2 Replies to “12.02.19. London Bridge Attacks, Redux”

  1. No pictures of the “blob of birds” over DC? Does anyone find that odd? Oh wait, CNN reporting, it was probably reported to them by “sources”…

  2. I should clarify my last comment. It was in no way directed at you or your coverage of the report, but at what the mainstream media calls journalism these days. No evidence at all, just a headline and maybe some anonymous source (read “lie”), or some government supplied report (read “psy-op”), usually to push some agenda.

    Meanwhile the last real journalist who never gained anything from his sacrifice for YOU ALL rots and spends his days being tortured in a UK prison for providing evidence with his claims, after being tortured and rotting in a small embassy for years before that.

    If this global warming is real, and we really are all going to die, maybe we deserve it. It seems we have lost our humanity and replaced it with teams… both of which are the true evil and only have one single tool, violence. Maybe we get just what we deserve.

    Sorry for the downer, but this situation needs more attention. Looking forward to the next show.
    In the morning to you Micah!

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