11.25.19. Code Burisma


This week we look at an apparent shift toward the center by many 2020 Presidential hopefuls, and key moments in the recent impeachment hearings in Washington.

This week, we open with strange and “smashing” tales of cyber-trucks and time-traveling climate activists, in a futuristic look at the world of tomorrow. We also touch on the recent Democratic Debates, and why many of the contenders heading into 2020 appear to suddenly be shifting toward the center (with notable exceptions like Bernie Sanders). We also look at some of the colorful moments, which include Joe Biden saying we need to keep “punching at” the issue of domestic violence.

We then shift our attention to the testimony that has been unfolding in the Nation’s Capital, which includes statements made by Gordon Sondland that some commentators call a significant shift in the ongoing questions of impropriety by Donald Trump in his dealings with Ukraine. We also look at key perspectives offered by Dr. Fiona Hill, whose testimony along with that of David Holmes provided key insights into the nature of the events which spurred the historic impeachment hearings now underway. We also look at Hill’s statement that the term “Burisma”, when being used by Rudy Giuliani and others in Trump’s camp had been a “code” for Joe Biden and the pay-for-play scandal associated with them.


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