09.06.18. The Galindez File


This week on Middle Theory, in addition to news and current events we examine the historical circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Columbia University Professor Jesús Galíndez in 1956. 

Have you ever felt like you’ve been caught in a political echo chamber? Well before you attempt to escape, maybe you should consider the latest studies, which suggest that listening to opposition can make partisanship even worse (once again, we recommend instead that you just listen to Middle Theory).

Elsewhere, the alleged attacks on U.S. Embassy employees in Cuba and China are now looking like they could have been microwave weapons; in other political news, chaos erupted at the first Brett Kavanaugh hearing this morning, with both opposition from Democratic politicians, as well as protestors who were on hand for the event.

Then getting to the MID, on March 12, 1956, Jesús de Galíndez, a Basque nationalist, Columbia University professor, and critic of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, vanished after a student dropped him off near a subway entrance. Today, his disappearance remains a mystery, although it is widely believed that Galíndez was kidnapped and flown secretly to the Dominican Republic.

Joining us to discuss the case is Stuart McKeever, a retired attorney and author who began his legal career in the early 1960’s in New York City as a staff member of the Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Division. Although the Galíndez case stimulated widespread press coverage, it remained shrouded in mystery for decades. That is, until the publication of McKeever’s book, Professor Galindez: Disappearing from Earth: Governments, Complicity, and How a Kidnapping in the Midst of American Democracy Went Unsolved. In it, author Stuart McKeever unravels the complicated roles of the Dominican and US governments, as well as the FBI, the CIA and some NY police officers, in the affairs.

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3 Replies to “09.06.18. The Galindez File”

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  2. Below is a great example of why I only read NON FICTION and don’t waste my time reading art crap…

    (Taken from- who gives a shit.com)

    The reason guys are giving those pushed-out tushes all that love, study authors surmise, has more to do with “prehistoric influences” than standards of beauty. Since pregnancy pitches the center of gravity forward, explains lead author David Lewis, “this spinal structure would have enabled pregnant women to balance their weight over the hips. These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury.”

    I was under the impression in prehistoric times that humans were not advanced, this author of non fiction, that so many people are turning to because they want real truth and facts, is explaining a being far, far advanced than our own people today. When have you ever thought about spinal curvature, where a woman carries a baby, and the fact they knew what a fetus was, Jesus this guy should be teaching history this is amazing…

  3. I see a lot of this in the media…”Police stop more minorities than whites” first of all where the F are they getting these numbers? coming from my own personal experience police stop people who are doing something in cars, police can not tell what race you are by your car, this is ridiculous. Now what I do know is that my white friend’s, unless obviously drunk, or belligerent, get off with just a ticket, or a warning, my white friend’s have never been dragged out the window with a gun to their head, my white friend’s have never been laid on the ground face down and told to put your hands behind your head just for having a nice car, and so it isn’t police stop more minorities, it’s that they deal with them completely different. If you are a minority, especially if you are black, or have a thick Mexican accent, you are more likely to have to get out of the car and be subject to searches and seizures. One of my friend’s was at a house party he was leaving, cops came up, one pulled behind him out of his field of view with no lights on, he said “Fuck, the police, like Fuck, it’s the police, and they took it as he said Fuck PIGS. Since he didn’t know a cop was behind him, he tried reversing, lucky he was white, or he’d be dead…this BS of cops sneaking around with lights off at night, that should be a no, no, sneaking up on people only works if you’re a sucker puncher criminal type, it doesn’t serve to sneak up and then go, good evening, have you been drinking tonight, kind of spoils the whole element of surprise thing don’t you think, their was a death recently because a cop had his lights out and a teen boy flashed him his brights…humanity are total fucking idiots, they’ll find a way to explain how a cop driving down the street that no one can see has advantages no doubt, I’m pretty sure many cops have been struck and killed due to no lights on…still doing it…

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