08.01.18. Calm Before the Storm: Whistleblowing in the Wind


This week on Middle Theory, we focus on the modern “whistleblower” phenomena, as well as its history in U.S. Government, and conspiracy theories associated with alleged whistleblowers today. 

It’s time for a system reset… what does it truly mean to be a “centrist,” and what does a program like Middle Theory seek to achieve in offering a non-partisan perspective on news, current events, politics, and social commentary?

Taking to the microphone this week in a “solo flight,” Micah wants to set the record straight on political centrism and reestablish the “center ground” as it relates to this program. Topics addressed include

  • Reclaiming Centrism
  • The Need for Right and Left
  • Why the Alt-Left is as bad as the Alt-Right
  • Making Sense of Social Justice Warriors
  • Why InfoWars is Bullshit
  • Diagnosing “Political Burnout”
  • Does The World Need Political Podcasts?

Then getting to the MID, we focus on National Whistleblower’s Day, which has been celebrated in the United States on July 30 each year since 2015. After delving into the history of the celebration, we hear from Linda Tripp, who was the keynote speaker at this year’s event, and examine questions pertaining to political biases as it relates to the activity of whistleblowers. We then turn our attention toward Julian Assange, arguably seen as one of the most famous, and controversial whistleblowers of our time.

But on the subject of whistleblowing, the phenomena that is “QAnon” has now erupted into the mainstream, and many in the media (particularly the New York Times and Washington Post are borderline apoplectic. We look at why they seem to think there’s cause for concern, what QAnon has claimed in the “breadcrumbs” they have posted online, and whether this is truly anything that we should be taking seriously.

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3 Replies to “08.01.18. Calm Before the Storm: Whistleblowing in the Wind”


    Love her new show…

    I didn’t watch Hannity Micah’s friends had it on in the back ground while they were beating me up…

    You heard of Lemon Curd? how about Lemming turds?

    Politics, philosophy, art, shit music, none of it effects me what effects me is humans are all phonies… being adult equals being a big phony…you can’t trust an America phony with a society gun to the dome…

    Micah’s occult buddies say buy a bunker cause the seal has a fascist symbol on it…the “fascia” Your right it does- the bundle of sticks is none other than…A LITTLE BUNDDLE OF JOY…little bundles of joy are the number one component of a cog rail leading to a dead end coast on adult phony fascism… no Christian, bunker, bullet, cellphone, buying phony wants to admit their little bundle of joy is going to grow into a big hell on earth…so they make up shit like devils and demons to excuse their fruits and products…

    Dear Micah I’m a Alien visiting earth I will now perform the rites of passenge and become humans just like you…

    Dear Micah Hanks I have learned all humans are sissies in animal and plant drag????????? I stand here today wrapped in plant fibers, with plant oils soaked into my face to the gills, wearing a cow’s asshole right over my feet up to my ankles, and mother Earth impaled around my neck and wrist, to make me look like one of you, I will now chew a jar of bull balls and look at a group of men for confirmation I am a real man…GULP……..US CITIZEN!!!!!!!!

    DR Benway 3033 “1+8=9, 2+7=9, 3+6=9, 4+5=9, 9, that’s it? the secret to the mathematical universe? that there are only nine numbers? well then we’ll invent an infinity one way and an infinity the other way, make sure no one lands up in the truth here in the middle…1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 3+6=9…9 fires Micah 9….It’s Time

    Alex Jones is brimstone and fire for non Christians, and people who believe in god but don’t like church… then you have the people who believe in god even though they don’t believe the bible is true…Alex Jones has got the end is coming crowd well covered…:(……………

    Yeah I listened to it(Carlin) and it bored me to shit…Buk…

    Micah your the best at making people feel like a million bucks kid…

    Middle Theory…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH angelic music man opens underground bunker coffin lid and walks up into the sun light…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Humanity is a symptom…Dear middle Theory I don’t have lip herpes and it’s made me wonder, did you know the lips are essentially the other end of your butthole? Now since I show signs immediately all over my skin of irritation to chemicals, I have a way most people don’t, to gage which chemicals I should avoid. And so I am free of many products and so called foods other people eat…now imagine you are eating something yet your outer hull unlike mine doesn’t signal you the inner hull is being irritated into a festering bloody open wound. Or does it? Are lip and mouth ulcers really trying to signal a problem, probably affecting your entire body which is one long asshole…

    See what you can do when you hear nothing cause a guys voice comes off like old wall paper…he is right, the cut, copy, repeat, has destroyed our mental evolution…when I can make a joke about anything and people think I’m serious and cut copy paste exactly what I understand enough to elaborate into humor, what they don’t understand enough to put in their own words…better off extinct…

    I sometimes wear women’s clothes for the heaven of it…but I always listen to Middle theory for the Hell of it…

    politics is like calling for accountability in a court of three year olds…
    the worst that’ll happen is someone might have to be put in a corner or lose desert…I’m sick of politics like Alex Jones acting like revolution is happening 24/7 the hammers coming down any day now, even though that is the wrong use of the symbolism or is it? The ax dropping causes hell to break loose which rises to green, great, grain, gold…yeah I think they us it correct and the we the people are to stupid to know what they are really saying…Acorns are going to drop, apples are going to rain from the heavens when wiki leaks all over out of the seventh trumpet, trees will grow, rain will come, food everywhere that you the people more and more can’t afford…bend over and blow your whistle its all America likes hearing…they rush out from work to the car and rub their ear holes all over the car speaker listening to a human fart out of their puckered oral rectum, rush home through traffic listening to facial blasting, get home turn on the tv and rub all over their couch cushions listening to their favorite butthole flagellate familiar shitting sounds like burps, farts that promise substance, but never deliver more than regurgitated alphabet soup…

  2. Poor you for stepping out in front of a pack of were wolf cattle apes trying to sway them your way then you want to cry about being stomped all over and trampled all on cause you couldn’t do more than take the bull by the old face horn…Gunner Hates Tomgun

    People are so proud of Hollywood covering up pedophile rape rings with a couple sexual assault cases, really believing Americas cleaning up, mean while Trump has more power, R Kelly sells out arenas…I really detest the sjw’s changing the meaning of pedophile which has a very specific quality of being attracted to people who have no sexual development…I see “youtube” YTSJW calling lime lit guys in their 20’s pedophiles for having slept with 17 year old’s? There are already specific wordings and legal terms defining sex with minors, the hilarious thing is, is it isn’t illegal to date, so Elvis could date Pricilla legally, R Kelly can take out your 13 year old daughter, as long as sex isn’t being performed…pull the plug now…

    the day you realize pastor Lysie goes down on your scum bag revenge list…

    he opened his mouth and a nugget of info unpacked itself from deep in his air cutter…Micah when you go on shows do you pick up the hosts personality traits, talking points, and start saying things using the same exact micki mouse metaphors like nugget? Does the host set the metaphor level or are you only allowed to repeat back the specific words the host just expressed? So is the host essentially speaking in sentences that explain to the guest which words they are allowed to speak on the show?

    It’s terrible cause anyone who would show up to save children probably has a good soul in them beyond the normal phony wall paper street persona capacity…I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful man, a higher, brighter soul, who is now doing time, a good person, for trying to do what he thought was right, and burning down a leather factory…not ironically we connected on “Ignite” activist punk band…

    you should just have long winded whistle going the whole show that’ll bring um in like flies…then on the jokes you can heavily, compress in, a slide whistle…

    Micah hanks visits Madame Esmaraldos physic bath house for a mental rub down of what the future holds…

    “I can see you, you are the type of guy the girl brings home to mom and dad and then takes her to that scumbag they don’t want her dating. The girl tells you they are going to the library to study, and you watch them kiss and fondle as they get in the back seat of his car on cinder blocks. People want to put you on job applications as a reference, and on work exams, a reliable person with which to contact immediately in case of a medical emergency. They know you haven’t got the guff to pull the plug on their lifeless limp flaccid humbled abode. Don’t worry young man, the girls are for guys with wallets and socks stuffed in their fronts and holding up their backs, and fame is for people who are human funnels, and though some can manage to funnel it well most can’t. The world of politics is a dying thing and good riddance, when the madness of choice is finally put behind, when your my age honey you don’t care if it’s a sock, or a wallet, you hope it’s a fine vintage wine, something you can finish together, enjoy right then and now. And then you can part, no hard feelings you haven’t got the testosterone to get them all riled up. And so you can have a lovely evening with out all the animal toxins spraying all over the atmosphere. You say good bye no strings attached, your declining sexual drive prevents any fires from burning down your house, or blowing up your email and phone, no heat no attraction. Being attracted it’s all a conspiracy to keep you attracted in distraction. No Madame Esmaraldo sees greater things than minor distractions in you…that’ll be 90 dollars.”

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