07.15.18. The Universal Basic Income Debate

universal basic income

On this episode, we look at the concept of Universal Basic Income and explore what would be required for such a system to succeed in changing society in beneficial ways. 

From the outset, we begin by looking at a few historical instances where great minds–specifically Greek philosopher Plato and folk singer Bob Dylan–express the merits of centrism in their personal philosophies. This leads us to some discussion about the general volatility in media today, and the way commentators tend to favor attacking one another over finding common ground or coming to any real sense of understanding of opposing views. Micah recounts a recent personal experience along these lines, which leads to some musing on the difference between when a person misspeaks, and when there is intentional deception when applying falsehoods about another individual.

This brings us back to Ana Kasparian, who we recently discussed on the program. After her emotionally-driven attack of YouTuber and former colleague Dave Rubin, we showcase a decidedly more objective presentation she recently gave on psychologist Jordan Peterson, in relation to his views on hot topics like “enforced monogamy” and equality of outcome. We also examine how Peterson’s own views have changed somewhat in recent months, as a result of his interactions and debates on a national level. We argue, primarily, that common ground can be found between opposing views, and that reasonable, objective discourse can occur, and would, in fact, be more beneficial to current political dialogues than divisiveness, which is often steered by unsound or deceptive arguments.

Then later in the program, we turn our focus to the discussion of universal basic income, a controversial idea where all Americans would receive a certain amount of income on a monthly basis. While some argue against the idea of giving all Americans “something for nothing”, there are many merits that such a system might bring to society, not least of which involves the ability for low-income earners to be able to make ends meet, without having to work multiple jobs or sacrifice simple comforts. The bigger question, however, is whether such a system could ever be implemented effectively? We examine the good and the bad, judging whether it could even be instated in America at all without extreme measures the likes of constitutional amendments.

Then in the wrap-up, we speak with an experienced professional cave diver named Kera, who explains some of the technical details about the recent Thai soccer team that was rescued from a flooded cave system. Finally, we also examine why Elon Musk has found himself in a contentious online exchange with some of the Navy divers who were involved in the rescue.

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4 Replies to “07.15.18. The Universal Basic Income Debate”

  1. Its insane to me Micah…going from hill to trump does nothing meaning switching politics is as to be expected, most people will go a life time polarized to switch over is just doing the same thing again under another label…it’s a 50 50 shot that ends up 100% effective ;P

    Ah! Words giving us the wrong idea about people since -38,000 Bc
    Promo Gate step one say a sentence then define it as “wrong”…then use a metaphor that should only apply to the items you mention…
    Take the next step, its a unique side effect …(stolen took used better)
    there is a bunch of lines, imaginary ones…notice it isn’t called out right phony, its called crony a word that rhymes with phony, insinuates phony, yet exudes in the indoctrinated mind positive connotation…so that seems to imply crony works and thrives well within the laws of capitalism…

    This guy has the shit-ist metaphors…arguing with the spouse…how come when he says it I think get him, when Micah says it, I think that makes complete sense…

    Is politics like the real world MTV where they pick the least likable assholes and present them out front behind a skim veil like figure skating

    what about Alex Jones’ 3 B’s? Bean’s, Bullets, Bunker…

    think about it why does a fire house have a second story requiring fire fighters to go down a pole? They are performing a symbolic gesture an occult ritual of becoming the water, sliding down the pole into the underworld…what a bunch of new age hooey huh? 😛

    So the skeptic in the case of the fireman pole “Yin-Yang” ritual would assume banish the religious propaganda when in fact this ritual is a metaphoric preservation of meaning in etymology…

    The problem is literality being taken too far on all sides…

    pole from pele…also related to pag as in pagan meaning staked one you can look at these connected words and see how Jesus got his attributes…impact; impale; impinge; newfangled; pace (prep.) “with the leave of;” pacific; pacify; pact; pagan; page (n.1) “sheet of paper;” pageant; pale (n.) “limit, boundary, restriction;” palette; palisade; patio; pawl; pax; pay; peace; peasant; pectin; peel (n.2) “shovel-shaped instrument;” pole (n.1) “stake;” propagate; propagation; travail; travel.

  2. So the pagan would be the fastener Djed force that accompanies the goddess beauty up from the underworld on a stake…Pole
    Pole from pele see how below words relate to hero’s journey…

    Then when you look accomplish; complete; compliment; comply; depletion; expletive; fele; fill; folk; full (adj.); gefilte fish; hoi polloi; implement; manipulation; nonplus; plebe; plebeian; plebiscite; pleiotropy; Pleistocene; plenary; plenitude; plenty; plenum; plenipotentiary; pleo-; pleonasm; plethora; Pliocene; pluperfect; plural; pluri-; plus; Pollux; poly-; polyamorous; polyandrous; polyclinic; polydactyl; polydipsia; Polydorus; polyethylene; polyglot; polygon; polygraph; polygyny; polyhedron; polyhistor; polymath; polymer; polymorphous; Polynesia; polyp; Polyphemus; polyphony; polysemy; polysyllabic; polytheism; replenish; replete; supply; surplus; volkslied

  3. Nonplus to perplex cause mystery…

    Plebeian low class…poor

    Pleistocene “Most” Most High…

    Pluperfect more than perfect

    pele 2 shows us why he gives his blood for the “Planet”

    airplane; dysplasia; ectoplasm; effleurage; esplanade; explain; explanation; feldspar; field; flaneur; floor; llano; palm (n.1) “flat of the hand;” palm (n.2) “tropical tree;” palmy; piano; pianoforte; plain; plan; planar; Planaria; plane (n.1) “flat surface;” plane (n.3) “tool for smoothing surfaces;” plane (v.2) “soar, glide on motionless wings;” planet; plani-; planisphere; plano-; -plasia; plasma; plasmid; plasm; -plasm; -plast; plaster; plastic; plastid; -plasty; Polack; Poland; Pole; polka; protoplasm; veldt.

  4. In hieroglyphics these items appear as a quail chick and a mooring post, a spiral, going in the path of the Sun, and a stake…If you look at the eye of Horus you can see his eye contains both these glyphs…

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_Horus…right beneath the eye… this hasn’t been recognized by archeologist as far as I know so this is a first timer here on MT.

    look at the fancy Wedjat pendant it has the Vulture A Lambda path of birds helping raise chick and on plant side Cobra, standing, rising serpent raising up the stick or stakes…I have to assume I’m just better at pattern recognition than archeologists?

    so when the two eyes link Wedjat and her Wadjet you get the snake meeting dragon, (etymology links= snake, dragon, serpent, worm, wormwood) and the two birds meeting at the top of the pole the roosters…white birds…all easily understood understanding a Chinese connection…and why not?

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