03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict


As we kick off this edition of Middle Theory, we begin with a discussion of Coca-Cola breaking their 130-year-old tradition of producing only soft drinks, with their first alcoholic drink or “alco-pop” made available in Japan.

Since we broadcast today on International Women’s Day, we take time to examine the issues surrounding feminism, and mindfulness of feminine issues altogether in an international sense, rather than just those related to things in the United States. Fast food chain McDonalds is celebrating at some locations by turning their golden arches upside down… costly symbolic effort that we contend could have been better spent on worker’s salaries, or perhaps even global efforts toward greater parity in terms of gender relations.

On to tech news, there are alarming new advances being made in the realm of digital media manipulation, with the production of what are being called “Deep Fakes” or videos that replace one person’s face with another. While largely used to comedic effect in videos online, obvious concerns begin to arise from the potential misuse of this technology.

One of the resounding questions in the realm of “true crime” in recent years involves actor and sports star OJ Simpson… did he “do it”? A program allegedly set to air on FOX will revisit this question, in an interview showcasing OJ Simpson’s “confession” to murdering Nicole, based on the premise of a book he coauthored several years ago as to how he would have done it, “if he did it.” All hypotheticals aside, this sounds a lot more like a confession than it does a pure hypothetical… what exists behind the psychology Simpson is displaying here?

As we reach the MID, much has been made of YouTube’s near-banning of Alex Jones and his INFOWARS media channels, with a third strike issued late last week. Meanwhile, YouTube said it had no intention of deleting Alex Jones’ Infowars channel, although Jones and his crew are by no means the only ones being affected by this. For instance, Prager University has sued YouTube over what they call the continuous censorship of its video content. Elsewhere, InfoWars’ conspiracy theories had several advertisers ditching YouTube channels in the aftermath of the YouTube smackdown… which included the NRA. However, does the ‘YouTube Purge’ as it has been called point to a bigger problem with conspiracy videos, and transparency in general? We think so… and to quote one Wired article on the debacle, “YouTube Doesn’t Know Where Its Own Line Is.” Should we be concerned?

Looking elsewhere, the CEO of MoviePass creepily admitted recently that the company ‘watches’ where you go before and after a movie. If that’s not concerning enough, Allen Roses, a senior executive at GlaxoSmithKlein, now says that 90% of prescription drugs only work in 30-50% of the people who take them. Taking this into consideration, we also look at how French vaccine manufacturer Sanofi may potentially seek US approval for use of its controversial Dengvaxia product, which is believed to be responsible for several deaths in the Philippines. Why would the FDA approve this if Sanofi asks for it?

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2 Replies to “03.08.18. YouTube’s Conspiracy Conflict”

  1. I would like to be the first of my generation to apologize to millennials for my idiot generation and those above, for slopping together a label P.C. and slapping it right over on you like you guys invented it.

    Since I was a kid what I have seen is , what people now call PC used to be to me before it was given a make over by msnoxious fumes was the family structure was the pc pushing wimps, using child innocence to stomp over every freedom. Literally I have seen our family structure bringing down the pc hammer before any of you were born, based on not wanting the kids to know, can’t curse kids, can’t rated R kids, can’t think, truth, reality, kids…

    Now if I remember correctly Socrates was put to death for teaching kids?????????????????????????????????

    so this has been and remains our culture today congratulations we have gotten as a society nowhere…oh Jobs, and Elon are evolved, but the rest of us are old roman trash diggers, holding onto garbage with a new shinny label…Oh millennials started this 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000year old Horse Head fiddle, it must be true msnoxious fumes huffington stiffs like a post….ughhh

    PC? Millennials? Or the same old using innocents/idiots as the measure for the whole society? Bullshit or not?

  2. Guaranteed what we call teaching today would be seen as corruption of the youth to the ancient people before the roman self love feast switched it around…You tell me would it be corrupt if I told you the entire story to Star Wars (the original one) on the way to the theater with you, I told you every little detail then, started showing you polaroid’s, you’d do like I used to in school and say fuck you and this let me see the damn movie! Right?

    Then again if you are a wuss going to a haunted house, your going to stand at the exit seeing how others come out…judging life always second hand…spoiling the surprise…referencing instead of living…

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