02.24.19. Thirteen Questions: Steps to Self Improvement

Thirteen Questions

This week on Middle Theory we address “manufactured controversies” in society, along with a conversation with Darren Grimes and Adam Loyal about their new “Thirteen Questions” Podcast. 

Leading off this week, there’s the old saying that goes, “you become the things you hate.” That may never have been truer than in the Internet Age, where many who build reputations for themselves through various online platforms do so by engaging in attacks that foment controversy… but how much of it is “real” controversy, versus conflicts that are manufactured for purposes of self-gratification, or even in ways that can be monetized? We also relate this premise to the recent news pertaining to actor Jussie Smollett, who was charged with having arranged a fake “hate crime” in Chicago. We also take a look at the media’s response to Bernie Sanders’ announcement that he will run for president again in 2020.

Then later in the program, we are joined by Darren Grimes and Adam Loyal of the new podcast, “Thirteen Questions.” After regaining his footing in a once-failing marriage, Grimes was inspired to look at ways he might help others with their own individual paths toward self-improvement. In addition to their new podcast, we discuss a range of issues with Darren and Adam, which includes questions over the usefulness of mindfulness techniques like meditation, and the debate over whether science can prove its usefulness.

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One Reply to “02.24.19. Thirteen Questions: Steps to Self Improvement”

  1. Just read a travesty hit piece on MJ saying if we erase his music where do we start…basically white douche privilege weekend warrior wants to say any music MJ influenced should be erased? You know what that means my brothers and sisters…say good bye to your music…yet Manson’s music isn’t erased is it? It’s actually a collectors item… So based on justice warrior logic if a person invents the cure for cancer then gets accused of a horrible crime you would destroy the cure because you are an idiot that can’t separate work from man, fiction and fact, object and subject, situation and mindset, cause and effect…

    I want to make fake docs just to prove like that bigfoot guy to myself humanity are beyond help…that guy did it 2 times even…Like the president…Notice the whitest countries have pulled MJ’s music…you can’t dance anyway listen to asshole farts that’s what’s music to your culture, sitting down and bathing in it like a sauna halleluya…

    every person who watches LN should have a molestation doc made on them…see how you fare…

    That was my only thing with Joe Rogan he had on Ben Shapiro and I thought Joe should have beat his weak privileged ass recorded it, showed it, then had ben come on and convince America he won…

    how much you want to bet people side with the mouth of the dirty south? Because they say talk is cheap, but they don’t get it is because anyone can do it, and they go on falling for it because all you have to do is use words to get in Americas pants over their heads…America extinct? What happened? Narration basically. Some guy said a practiced speech some other people wrote and the good voters of America put all the chips on it…the end…

    Yet didn’t Hitler invent fluoride in water…oh that was before 9021 flow the sis generation was born…we need fluoride get rid of art…

    why cause teeth are white and art isn’t?

    will white puritans ever go extinct or quit fucking with progress cause they are offended by experience and reality?

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