01.22.15. NASA, NOAA, and International Conspiracies


In other news, NASA and NOAA have been the center of attention lately in saying that 2014 was the hottest year on record.  However, following this official announcement, NOAA data was revealed the following day that says it’s “More Unlikely Than Likely” 2014 was really the hottest year on record. This, in our opinion does not “debunk” the claim… it does, however, show some of the bias in the way the media reports on these issues.

Elsewhere, Pennsylvania Politicians have coerced the NCAA into restoring Joe Paterno’s wins at Penn State following Sandusky fiasco… which has infuriated many (and rightly so). McNonymous gives us the details, before we look at the latest in the ongoing saga of the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo. Firstly, The Intercept asks, “were the shooters part of a global terrorist conspiracy?”  We also look at the claims regarding a “Sorcerer” who may have groomed the Paris shooters, which sheds light on phenomenon of radical Islam in French jails.

Also big news, the Argentine prosecutor who accused Kirchner of 1994 bombings was found dead… and days later, Argentine President Kirchner now says the prosecutor’s death was not a suicide.

Finally, Chad commits troops to battle Boko Haram in Africa, while this Op/Ed says to not blame Western Media for glossing over Nigeria, but to blame Nigerian government for being inept. We also discuss the Albuquerque DA who indicted police officers in the shooting of a homeless man, and the DA’s office immediately being shut out of subsequent police briefings on crime.

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2 Replies to “01.22.15. NASA, NOAA, and International Conspiracies”

  1. In philosophy class we had the discussion of the difference between indoctrination and showing a person how to think for them self. The school system is set up like a religious hierarchy that uses group think backed by corporations to transform the act of referencing into education? It is basically a conspiracy to give people opinions and belief unfounded in experience. Books are reference tools I don’t know why people lift them up and call them tools for education? And because our school systems have given our culture the misconception that you don’t have to experience but that reading words is as good as the real thing we are a society of media worshipping vidiots. I always have to put it this way for people to understand. If a 5 year old read about sex and tried to talk to you, you could grasp that until you have sex you can’t possibly have any clue about it. Yet the same kid can repeat text from an academic book and nobody would question the total lack of perspective, why? People go to college the way they sit down and eat in front of the t.v., guard down brain open and soaking up bias like a sponge. They believe the books are the word of god truth. This is why I’m so frustrated when dealing with people today they have 0 experience yet want to give everybody advice and say they would do this or that based on books and television. This is the society we have created where people can know literally nothing but pretend they are smart by memorizing words or repeating what Alex said this is why they want philosophy to seem dead because only philosophy questions things beyond the simple labels. Anyone who doesn’t let people experience things before forming an opinion is an indoctrinator.

  2. Hey guys at Middle Theory I wanted to see what you guys think of this. I have never heard anyone bring this point up but I have noticed that the paranormal is being used as an extreme in a left right paradigm. What I see is skeptics becoming those who point out the obvious and question 2-bit hoaxes instead of questioning science. The way I put it is if their isn’t a bigfoot or a ufo in the shot it must be true. Skeptics can tell you that Bigfoot is a guy in a suit but can’t tell you Bill O’reily is just a guy in a suit. I think they have brought in the paranormal not as disclosure but so they have something phonier to put up against their lies to make them seem realistic in comparison. What do you guys think?

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