12.31.13. Eve at Noon, Part Deux: 2013 in Review


Two weeks in a row, significant holiday “eves” have fallen on broadcast Tuesdays. Hence, we celebrate among society members and laymen alike the very best of 2013 with a sequel to last week’s “Eve in the Morn” with part deux, “Eve at Noon.”

In addition to reviewing some of 2013’s top stories in the news, we look at a Wisconsin cop gets minimal penalty for fingering suspect’s anuses, a Hispanic teen in Durham who became the third minority to commit suicide in police custody in recent months, and the now infamous Obamacare “Pajamaboy”, who is a self-described “Liberal Fuck”.

Benghazi is also back in the news, following a series of NYT articles that have renewed debate over Benghazi scandal (or not… or maybe so… we’re kind of confused on that one, like everyone apparently is). MSNBC Weighs in on NYT piece, attacks “Conservative Conspiracy Theories”, and an ex-CIA Analyst rips into the bias he perceives in the NYT’s Benghazi article.

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