12.18.13. Cover Ups, Missing Spies, and the United States of Conspiracy


If one were to suggest that there are still questions that remain regarding the September 2001 terrorist attacks, they would be called a conspiracy theorist. If you were to go so far as to suggest that there was an obvious cover-up involved, which withheld information from the public at large that made clear connections between the attacks and a planned, state-sponsored act of war, some would call you delusional.

That’s not what several members of Congress think, along with a handful of others who have read a 72,000 word redacted portion of a classified document which seems to provide what has been called “incontrovertible evidence” linking Saudi involvement with the 9/11 attacks. Why is this information still being withheld, and why didn’t any of it make its way to the 9/11 Commission Report?

We also take a look at whether there could be another Edward Snowden, as well as Snowden’s Open Letter to Brazil, the CIA “Lost Spy” Scandal, and how it may point to cooperation between media and government intelligence groups, riots and looting taking place in Argentina while police are on strike, and much more.

Finally, McNonymous observes that Putin and Yukanovych have made a $15 B deal that brings Ukraine officially back into the Russian fold… is the Big Red Bear awakening from it’s Cold winter slumber?

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, and newly declassified documents that revealed to the public what everyone suspected all along, but nobody in the mainstream really wanted to have to be the ones to say.

2 Replies to “12.18.13. Cover Ups, Missing Spies, and the United States of Conspiracy”

  1. To the sentinels of the wizards sleeve variety! I have two words for you….nine….eleven! There I said it!

    Imagine if you will a situation where the CIA got wind of an attack on the towers a long time before it happened, the “powers that be” realise the potential rewards of such an endeavour ie oil, terror in the heart of America to slip certain decisions through unnoticed and without public outcry such as trapwire, the monetary gains from taking out the buildings and not to mention the underhand dealings between bush and the Saudi’s.
    all they would have to do is facilitate the action and twist a few gears to bring it to a successful conclusion.

    Being on the outside from the UK we have the beauty of ‘outsiders observations’ without becoming too attached to the emotion. Not that it wasn’t horrific!
    It seems to me though that their embellishments on the action were cause to give it away. For example; the pentagon, bad camera angles, the buildings coming down as they did. The unaffected building that came down like a controlled explosion? I could go on!

    Do I think it was a genuine terrorist attack? With all of the technology we have in the world today they couldn’t spot nor prevent those planes from hitting the towers?

    Not a chance!

    Love middle theory guys and love ‘that other show’! (And your brothers from another mother!) Big fan of your work Micah still getting to know you macnonomous but love your work!
    Finally! Sane, intelligent discussion and reasoning on the topics others would not dare to speak of!

    This has been tagged by google and th CIA! 🙂

    Merry Xmas guys!


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