12.16.17. The Top Conspiracies of 2017


This week on Middle Theory, we begin to wind down 2017 as we look at some of the top conspiracy theories of the year.

Following the surprising (or maybe not so surprising) loss of Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate election, we take time to examine a number of soundbites that detail some dirty tricks that were underway in the southern state. For instance, some voters reported receiving phone calls from a phony Washington Post reporter claiming to be offering money to women willing to pose as Roy Moore accusers. Elsewhere, CNN hosted a panel discussion in which a number of interesting views of Trump voters who don’t support Moore are compared and contrasted.

We then turn our attention to the subject of the recent Net Neutrality vote, and how this landmark decision may greatly change the playing field for web-based companies and web providers alike. Finally, we turn our attention to the discussion of a number of conspiracy theories and other controversial stories that have been in the headlines over the last year, which include ridiculous claims of the “Flat Earth” movement, the Las Vegas shooting, and a recent bombshell report on UFOs by the New York Times.

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2 Replies to “12.16.17. The Top Conspiracies of 2017”

  1. Two things. One I don’t own a cell phone so I’m curious about the horrors and repercussions of second hand radiation.

    Two that’s one of the perks of being privileged you get to be a Guinea pig. There is a entire TV series about inventions and how the poor never get their hair fried off by left over peter salt and plaster labelled as Thickening Tonic. What a privilege.

  2. Micahel Angelo, Mcnonamo are we seeing this…

    Test just in and when I mean just I’m saying they just put the thermometer in the public feed bag and took a temperature at that very moment. If a doctor takes a forest full of peoples temperatures not leaving the thermometer in long enough is that forest full of corpses? Is this what we are dealing with and in a capitalist society what can you do? If I invent cancer causing car sim-ages for your antenna labeled phone how am I going to feed my family if it takes 20years to get opinionated indoctrination, 4-12 years to get a degree, and then, a full life cycle to test humans efficiently for long term side effects?
    Boy if those chemicals could just get rid of people capitalism could really work.

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