01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year

This week on Middle Theory, the Sentinels return for 2018 to examine issues that include gas pumping laws, marijuana legalization, and the explosive release of the book “Fire and Fury” on Trump’s first year in office.

HELLO. This week on Middle Theory, we get back in the saddle after taking a break for the Holidays, and catch up on everything that happened in the world (which, remarkably, has continued spinning after the trials of the year 2017 A.D.), including revelations that President Trump threatened to have a good idea back in October, only to be reined in and put back on Twitter by someone in his own administration. Meanwhile, in the “news that never seems to end” category, we discuss the new FBI investigation into The Clinton Foundation.

The big story is the ongoing controversy around Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury and the political, media, and the adversarial fallout that the Trump administration and Breitbart founder Steve Bannon are experiencing because of it. While President Trump has bravely stepped up to the plate in the aftermath of this to reassure the world of his mental stability, there are some who seem to place less confidence in his tweets.

Before getting to the MID, we cover a number of other topics including Oregon’s new Self Serve gas station allowances, which may end up causing complete societal collapse if early reactions to the news are any indication. We then spend time discussing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his possible political motivations for rolling back President Obama’s non-interference memos that stopped federal intervention within States that loosened the legal grip on marijuana. Is it a clever political move to shore up support on the conservative right in the wake of further destabilization in the White House? Or is it because someone with great power and influence in the American legal system actually believes that smoking a joint will bring a teenager through the gateway into Skid Row and start shooting heroin into his eyeball? Time will be the judge of this.

We wrap up the episode by confirming that yes, your smartphone is indeed spying on you, according to Alphonso CEO Ashish Chordia, who admits that his company has produced over 1,000 apps that record and transmit audio from smartphone microphones in order to provide targeted advertising to users. The final words are reserved for Oprah Winfrey, the one-time proposed running mate of President Trump, and now potential opponent for the 2020 race. Her stump speech at the Golden Globes seemed to be a warning shot of her political intentions, but will she end up having to explain away her association with serial sex abuser Harvey Weinstein?

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8 Replies to “01.09.18. Fire and Fury in the New Year”

  1. I have a major problem I need help. I am over come by low shooting emotions that make me behave against my own will and benefit. No matter how much I try I can not over come this. There is no help for me. I come from a neighborhood paved in violence. People fought over everything. Many people I know died early, drugs, suicide, murder, the cycle of violence was the yolk of my egg. My childhood best friend spent his youth in jail for murder, my best cousin is serving a two year life sentence for double homicide. I need help or I may be next.

  2. I have tried everything to get my emotions in check. I’ve researched into psychiatric and medical help. I’ve checked in holistic healing, and magical practices. I’ve ran the gamut across every culture looking for some answer to help me. Still when someone looks at me cross, or says something I dislike, or offends me, runs into me, cuts me off, has a divergent philosophy, doesn’t like my skin color, doesn’t like my music, basically I feel like the whole society is violently pushing at me, cornering me, I can’t breathe, and yet I can still swallow my pride and feel fine, violence isn’t the problem.

  3. You see I loath not having control of my emotions. I have had so many experiences where I lost my temper and felt terrible after, horrible, like I wanted to die, hopeless. I easily got over all that…but no matter what I have tried, I can not keep tears and emotions from flowing when watching TV shows. It is an imbalance for a person to get that worked up over nothing I know. And I’m disgusted with myself. Most people are out there toughing it through less than agreeing conditions and here I am blubbering like a baby over actors on a screen reading lines written by kids who have yet to experience any reality themselves. Middle theory what am I going to do? Why is it acceptable to loose control of your emotions, yet if you act on it that is less than acceptable? Losing control of emotions is all the same thing. I feel exactly the same way fighting tears for Grey’s Anatomy and losing, as I do when I’ve done any despicable thing that result in losing my emotional hold and control. PS am I the only person who has realized all emotions are the same chemical reactions that lead to violence, and that the love bone is connected to the cut your eyes out, drink the blood, and wear a neckless full of ears bone? Am I the only person aware enough of the self to realize violence is no different than any other loss of emotion. And that picking on violence, yet tugging on heart strings is like letting a guy out of rehab then handing him the drugs back as he walks out the door? Are emotions not the cause of all human !#^%$#@%^%$

    Push,push,push,snap law. That’s what we should call our system of government push,push,push,snap, law.

    Emotions they are a central part of an irrational mob cult.

  4. Alex Jones the saga continues…

    Watched, by every government agency across the globe, hated by the very ilk of the corporation corner stone, one man stood up against all the authority, against the grain of an entire democracy.

    Now…one of his devout listeners has kidnapped him, taken him to his secret bunker that locks shut for 100 years against his own will, to save him from the end. And since Alex doesn’t sell oxygen, because he’s saving that for when carbon taxes fail, he can rail the crooked elite shift to the oxygen tax, that’s the only logical progression, and so they have limited to no air…

    Finding Alex

    Tonight on FOX NEWS. Sponsored by Estrogenics. America cry yourselves to sleep…

  5. My new years resolution, as a writer I will no longer be entertaining the insane delusion that words are my expression, or any expression at all out side of literacy and ideas. Words are helpful in trying to convey ideas but have they overstepped their bounds when then then try and explain things?

    I hate documentary films, I’m not a fan of people interpreting other peoples lives and works. Most certainly I do not tune on a doc so I can hear 5% fact and 95% the fanatical opinion.

    So I gave it a shot and I’m swallowing my puke at how people truly have been sold 1000% on words having some intrinsic value, and expressional qualities they really just do not have.

    This is why ancient writing was exactly depicting something. Things observable in nature retain their meaning until nature changes. Words retain their meaning until people who make them change their nature, words do not have a viable lean in reality.

    I will see words as they are, convincers, manipulators, inventors of fable and fantasy, not harbingers of truth or expression.

    Has anyone ever heard of a war, or massive in fight break out in a colony of mutes? Words they beat um into ya so some one else can beat um out of ya…join the CIA today

    also I know people who have done horrid things for rarities and due to the status, was considered excusable under the circumstances. So they shouldn’t it be thrice a crime to do horrible things to another human being for things that are plentiful? I mean how can some one justify torturing for words, something available on every street corner? If I torture someone in the middle of a forest in Summer asking for a leaf, any leaf am I not the biggest pile of !@#$$ and a stupid DI@##$

    So the fact we torcher for words something that means nothing, that isn’t even a little way over the deep end and loving it to anyone else?

    I mean technically you can get a dictionary pick random words and probably get the same effect, its like being on a train going from Denver to Chicago, I’m going there whether I narrate or not.

    and so the blabber would have you believe his mouth carried him over to Chicago.

  6. Have I just uncovered the gear on which the secret control mechanisms pivot? Narration.

    Man kills man. Man narrates it on news, citizens make law.

    Man kills another man. Man narrates it in a book, citizens make law.

    Man kills man again. Man sings sad lolly pop bye bye’s, mice go make law.

    Scientist fumble through and idiotically trip and stumble killing a man into a discovery. Phew lucky there was a guy their to make up words to narrate it or we’d all look like true idiot savants.

    Men still dead, men still dying, thing labelled still not understood, narration still accruing it into a power quilt made of plastic for its a harbinger of little but wet dreams.

    Do something Micah come on? Nonamo wtf? You’ll know when your doing something because you’ll have the bodies to prove it.

  7. At the porn store I used to work in we had a 18 inch dildo I referred to as the Great Gatsby. It’s still there if anyone want to live the dream.

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