11.12.13. Missing Nukes and Shadow Banks


Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen! From the Middle ground, where the Sentinels stand tall, the Mouth and McNonymous tackle the discussion of missing nuclear weapons on this week’s program, in addition to a discussion that ranges from big-bank scams and the shadowy non-banking entities who benefit most from the Fed’s low interest rates, to John F. Kerry’s non-admission on Meet the Press regarding his beliefs in a conspiracy surrounding the death of “the other JFK.” There’s also that troubling (painful, even) story of the man in New Mexico who was probed anally in eight different instances following a traffic stop where he rolled at a stop sign (no drugs were found… he’s suing).

Additionally, links to all this week’s stories (and a few we didn’t get to) can be found in our show notes section here on the Middle Theory site. These are posted prior to broadcast, for the benefit of live listeners who enjoy reading along.

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