10.20.17. Trumpism… and the Opposition


This week on Middle Theory, former presidents (and presidential candidates) are speaking out against Donald Trump… the latest in a long succession of contests to “Trumpism.”

We begin with discussion that includes updates on the sordid Harvey Weinstein situation, with continuing allegations of misconduct surfacing, in addition to a look at the broader issue of human trafficking in America, and other parts of the world; it is arguably one of the greatest problems existing in the world today, and yet, one that so many are willing to turn a blind eye toward.

Later in the program, we also hear what the latest from former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama say about Donald Trump, along with Senator John McCain’s assertions about “half-baked nationalism” under the current administration. Finally, we also review the bizarre interview featuring security guard Jesus Campos on the Ellen show, and the controversy it has managed to arouse.

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6 Replies to “10.20.17. Trumpism… and the Opposition”

  1. For a great example of how schools of ignorance become thriving cultures of bacterial waste check out some videos on youtube about the two door scene in Labyrinth. Basically there are people who try and explain that Sarah asked a question that without any reference or knowledge could out con a con world. This is the copy paste mentality of 21st century educated apes. I can copy his words and past them and now I’m smart. Labyrinth is basically a movie about the fool. Sarah is a ignorant fool and we get scene after scene of her getting slapped in the face for her stupidity and that doesn’t ring any bell for the common educated man? Why because they think just like Sarah, words, advice, depending on every one else, being dumb, is good enough, the real fairy tale. Probably why fairies F with us to show us our BS don’t extend beyond our own contrived societies of forced ideology.

  2. The very first person Sarah encounters is the worm, who seem honest and a good person with good intentions who tells the truth. And what happens? He sends her the wrong way. It’s really non stop and the point is the more you are ignorant the more advantage gets taken of you. The reason I looked the two door scene was I was writing a similar scene and wanted to see how they did it. Not even knowing for I hadn’t seen Labyrinth in a while, they used the same method I used, symbolism as a body language. If Sarah was a detective and she knew fairy land and understood symbolism she would have known which door to take. A detective interviewing a suspect doesn’t have magical questions to trick people into telling truth. The detective has experience(gut instinct), knowledge of the situation, and more than BS would look at what? Body language right?

  3. If you look at the doors you’ll notice the guards have shields for bodies, and these shields have symbols that are a language to those who can read them. Body language. The point being Sarah don’t even look she asks shady gurus instead who even tell her they lie, sound familiar voters? This theme is further backed up when she thinks she figured it out and ends up in a hole like many people who get advice from shoddy hucksters, and then even when offered help from the helping hands goes to an abyss. Helping hands can only help those who can help themselves. Sarah clearly can’t.

  4. It is just interesting to me how people have lost the ability to see big pictures. They don’t even realize the beating over the head about trusting and going for advice gets her no where over and over, because they can’t see a connection throughout. the film goer has to be beaten to death and then given ever answer spoon fed to them just ask Chris Nolan and M Knight Shamalan. People rationalizing in defense of Sarah’s little juvenile word game like the director was trying to make a point about the power of words and questions in the mouth of the ignorant they all have missed the point completely. Sarah’s the fool and going to learn the hardest way. How would some idiot who keeps falling into the same trap over and over all the sudden come up with a solution for a complex conundrum? She didn’t she talked her way right into the wrong door. Because our society worships cheap talk they can’t accept what they believe in wasn’t effective, even in an alien world? And so there is video after video with comments and logic to conclude that she was correct and that the doors were both bad. Like I said the body language was clear to me. Sarah is an example of modern educated man, trained to only see what they are told. Seeing with someone else’s mouth is a disease today more wide spread and disfiguring than cancer.

  5. For the answer to the body language. We see four characters looking from different directions. This automatically means this is a sun map and all sun maps are flipped around so the right door is on her left. Besides that the characters are tigers. The tigers on the left have red, have the yin yang, have the compass and square and if you look close enough have one foot up in the right direction. The tigers on the right are blue have only a square and the emblem in the middle is a slash /. These are all symbols off the Chinese Zodiac. If you are at the tigers on the zodiac than the correct path of the sun and to ascend is to the left. The red is spring, life, and going with the flow. The tigers on her right have the slash and blue which are symbols of fall (notice see falls) winter, DEATH.

  6. After thought summing up Labyrinth…

    It would be like I was driving through a town I know nothing about and I see a man on the street and ask him, which of two restaurants on the block should I eat at? Now being from that town he knows one restaurant is a pit a total dive hole and the other happens to be the best place in town. So he tells me to go to the best place in town. And instead because I’m a prejudice moron I go get herpes loogey at the sh@# hole thinking I know better. Is this stove hot? Yes! sssssss ahhhh call an ambulance!

    Then a bunch of the best educated in the world start a blog about how both places were !@@% holes because my logic founded on nothing and full of ignorance was flawless. Because people in our society are so idealist they think words and games is all it takes and you can solve anything.

    If you watch the scene not only do they give her the answer in body language but the right door straight up says yes this is the door and she spits in his face and goes straight to her doom. And people unable to grasp the lunacy of trying to deduce truth with out any reference, knowledge, or experience, (common educated man) can’t see they are siding with her for they have been played and are as well, the fool.

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