09.21.20. The Critical Hour

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Following the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, questions about her successor add a new layer of complexity to the heated 2020 Election. 

This week, the FBI makes a statement on Antifa, while the DOJ designates New York an “anarchistic” zone… meanwhile, as the polls continue to show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump, the 2020 election has now become even more complex with the passing of Supreme Court Justice and American Icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

President Trump says he will fill the seat, while Democrats vow to retaliate if he does… at this very critical stage in the 2020 election and, arguably, in history, we wade into this heated fray and look at the possible outcomes, as well as Trump’s two leading female nominees, on this edition of Middle Theory.

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