07.28.17. The Maverick


This week on Middle Theory, John McCain, “The Maverick,” makes a ‘historic’ tie-breaking vote that stops the GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

As we look at the news this week, controversy surrounds the recent attempt to leave the country by Imran Awan, who formerly worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC. Awan was subsequently arrested by the FBI, in a strange development that few in the mainstream media have chosen to cover (perhaps due to the fact that he was a former consultant to CNN).

Also, the newly-appointed White House Communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, made headlines recently for a vulgar rant that he went on after a reporter Tweeted a “leak” about a private dinner at the White House. Scaramucci subsequently appeared on CNN and explained what he actually meant, as his war against White House leaks continues.

Then, we look at the recent vote on repealing Obamacare, the tie-breaker for which was supplied by Arizona Senator John McCain, who returned (with a standing ovation on the Senate Floor) from a recent surgery, casting a vote in defiance of the Trump administration, and in keeping with his reputation as a Maverick. Many are already predicting that this flamboyant Senate appearance will be among the Senator’s most memorable.

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8 Replies to “07.28.17. The Maverick”

  1. The mystery of Easter solved here on middle theory?

    My research into myths and legends associated with the hare going back as far as historically possible instantly took me to Asian lore. This is important because the Asian myths actually make sense where as the Anglo Saxon version like most euro history obviously a cheap knock off that seems a load of crap to confuse and mislead.

  2. So I found a link between Asian culture and Anglo Saxon which is the three hare puzzle. People have been theorizing on why hares on the roof of Anglo churches and as to the meaning of three hares that form one object? The persistence to ignore Asian/Indian influence over Europe is why they who want to know the symbolism behind Easter haven’t found !@#$ sir.

  3. When you go to the Anglo Saxon source what you find is that the reason the hare lays eggs is because it took the place of a bird. The A.S./B.S. officially story is that the moon goddess turned a bird into a hare and so once a year it lays eggs for her? As a symbolphile that sentence makes perfect sense to me literally and has zero mystical implication. Though people of euro dissent want to think it has some special magical implication beyond that of which the east could ever fathom. It is nothing more than a bad translation. Since I had the awareness that hare myths are rooted in Asian lore as soon as I read the part about a hare taking a birds place boom, the Chinese zodiac jumped right into my mind not even having looked at it, it was common sense to me if I did I would find a hare and a bird, and if my hunch was right they would be directly opposite one another.

  4. Even though the three hare puzzle goes back to Asian history and is the link and how I got to my postulation the experts and historians over looked it? The blatantly obvious. Sure enough guess what two animals are opposite each other in the Chinese zodiac? The hare and the rooster. Why do people put roosters on the roof? Why is their a symbolic story of a rooster laying a egg that falls and what meaning could it have? The hare is spring yet it is represented by the moon. The rooster is fall yet is represented by the sun? So you have spring/night, fall/day yin/yang. the three hare puzzle then age old mystery no one could figure out obviously becomes the three months/moons of spring.

  5. So you have a hare that lays eggs once a year (spring), that takes the place of a rooster who lays a fall egg, a fruitless lay (fall). This easily and simply explains all the symbolism behind Easter and hares and also why hares where on church roofs and now roosters. Also the three hare puzzle is solved. Its amazing how people of favor with euro history will bend over backwards and stretch every muscle of the imagination to come up with some mystic reasoning in the face of simple truth? Taking things so far out because they truly think and have been taught through biased history they are “the race”.

  6. Note I very well could be wrong these are my own observations clearly not recognized by anyone but myself. Meaning this is my own idea not me going to gun for someone else’s.

  7. The most secret society is now full on fully.

    Lesson two: Solved right here on middle theory the parable of the six blind men who feel an elephant from different positions describing different aspects that form a different thing. Look up the endless knot. Notice it is a lattice of six interlinking sixes that form a seventh different object together. This is mathematics encoded in many things. Six operations of arithmetic to get seventh answer. Six notes in a scale the seventh being a combination flat or sharp taken from another scale. Six colors in the color spectrum combined form violet seventh color. Six chakras that combine into the crown seventh chakra. Also combined there are seven types of electromagnetic waves. More to come…

  8. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is splitting human history up into weak ego identifications of race. All human history is human history. Isn’t it? People talk about humanity but that seems to be just a disclaimer to a race driven spiel. Is it that hard to say the Chinese made it up? That they symbolically went to the moon first? We still have the real thing you know? I’m sitting here in new Alexandria with my Caligula 5000 looking at an Alexandrian history essay about crib toy trinket slanging swindlers with instant wind up belief systems; and I’m laughing so hard I have tears running at how far we have really come from those monkeys twiddling over toddler tantalizers. Or am I crying?

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