07.27.20. Rights vs. Riots


This week, as violent protests continue around the United States, we look at the controversial deployment of federal authorities to locations like Portland, Oregon, and the justification for this given by the DHS. 

As we lead off this week, we get an election update on Joe Biden’s search for a vice president, with some pundits thinking he may have narrowed down his choice. However, we’re wondering what has changed about this leading prospect’s appearance and demeanor in recent days, and could this be an indication of her likelihood for being Biden’s choice?

We also examine the controversies surrounding the deployment of federal authorities to locations like Portland, Oregon, where the DHS has said that it is the federal government’s responsibility to protect federal property in these locations. Finally, as the debate over the use of masks ensues, some police departments around the country are refusing to enforce mandates for wearing facemasks in public. We examine all this and more on this week’s edition of Middle Theory.

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