07.19.21. Spywary


This week, we examine the widespread surveillance of journalists with the aid of military spyware, as well recent hacking efforts that led to an official response from the Biden Administration.

This week, after sharing recipes aimed at beating the summer heat that include our favorite cervezas, we shift our attention over to wildfires raging in the Western United States, and the current efforts to battle the deadly blaze. We also get caught up on the latest advisories on COVID-19 regarding children wearing masks as they return to schools, and why health advocates actually think that returning to on-site learning locations is a good idea.

Then later in the program, we shift our focus over to news regarding the widespread surveillance of journalists with the aid of leaked spyware. We also analyze the Biden administration’s denouncement of China following recent hacking efforts, and why the U.S. and other western nations are now drawing a line in the sand… all of this, and more on this installment of Middle Theory. 

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