07.07.17. G20: The Handshake


This week on Middle Theory, the world watches as President Donald Trump meets with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the 2017 G20 summit.

As we begin our foray into the biggest news in the world this week, we ask ourselves whether CNN is in trouble after threatening a man behind a viral GIF in circulation featuring Donald Trump in a wrestling ring. Elsewhere, a massive new FOIA document release has shown how the scripts of more than 1,800 films and television shows have been influenced by the CIA and the Pentagon, ranging from espionage films like the popular James Bond movies, to superhero flicks like Iron Man; less obvious examples include Top Chef, American Idol, and others.

But the big story this week involves the 2017 G20 Summit, and the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. As the world watches, questions remain about Trump, his previous relationship with Russia, and the raging controversy about potential collusion in the 2017 election.

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3 Replies to “07.07.17. G20: The Handshake”

  1. If you saw me everyday walking down the street of middle America with a T shirt that said 02 and I had on 2 oxygen tanks to show you I breath air. You would see how I see people with u.s. license plates and two American flags on their truck that’s never been off road. I call them flaggots. People who couldn’t tell you the third plus amendment to the constitution but gee willie I’s can remember the flags red,white,and blue. How many stars does it have? 51 or is it 52 since afgani became a providence init?

    Every country has a flag and they almost all are red, white, and blue, and why everyone pretends that dollar bill ain’t implied, green. Only America has a constitution as we have one.

  2. Poetic Justice

    A gun crazed preparation nut breaks into Alex Jones studio and forces him into his secretly hidden bunker that seals shut for 100 years to save him from the end.

    Wouldn’t it though?

  3. whats even more disgusting is when you google o2 the firt thing that pops up

    apparently o2 is also the leading provider of mobile phone service and also like most comp geeks can’t steal from some place if it isn’t so obvious. what you run out of roman numerals and names to borrow?

    The new Caligula h2o ego dissolver is here

    Listen to our jingle, cause TV brainwashes too slow…

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