06.08.20. The Age of Dissent


This week continues our analysis of the public response to George Floyd’s killing and opposition by military leaders to President Donald Trump’s desire to deploy the military in curbing violence during protests.

“Things will get worse before they get better,” or so the saying goes. This week, as historic unrest continues in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, news of protestors being interrogated by FBI and NYPD have raised concerns, and point to U.S. intelligence interest in possible “hijacking” of protests by various groups. Meanwhile, military leaders past, and present, have opposed President Donald Trump’s recent aims to use military forces to curb violence during protests, and Minneapolis has proposed defunding and disbanding its police force. We wade into the fray with our analysis on this edition of Middle Theory.

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One Reply to “06.08.20. The Age of Dissent”

  1. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but it’s not easy…

    Defunding the police doesn’t address the problem.

    All victimless crimes need to be abolished. The police have a thousand laws they can use at any time to legalize the harassment or arrest of a person doing nothing more than breathing air. They keep adding new laws, but never, ever, remove old ones because they can be useful. This is what it used to enforce systemic racism and all other forms or abuse of power.

    End the war on drugs which has only mutual exchanges (no victims) when not forced into a black market.

    No victim, no crime.

    The system is not broken, it is working EXACTLY as the politicians designed it to work.

    Libertarians have been saying this forever.

    It’s time to end the Republicats monopoly. They were always one team with the goal of keeping people fighting each other rather then looking at the real problem, the Republicats.

    Secondly, the highest law in the land requires the highest punishment (treason?). They all swore an oath and need to be held accountable for their actions (as we would be). No more bombing american citizens or using unconstitutional actions or spying, period.

    Stop wasting your votes people, vote for the libertarian party. They may not agree with you on every issue, but they are the only ones that are always trying to choose the most free and equal options for all, and unlike the monopoly are willing to discuss better ideas.

    Finally, don’t rage quit conversations or name-call, compromise. There is rarely a perfect answer in life, but there is always an acceptable middle ground, keep calm and put in the effort to find it.

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